Head of the Department

Prof. G. Subaiyan

Dr. G. Subaiyan

City Planning


Prof T. Srinivas

Dr. T. Srinivas

Evaluation of Urban Open spaces, Safety in the Built Environment, Human Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Built Environment.

Prof. G. Subaiyan

Dr. G. Subaiyan

City Planning

Associate Professors

Prof.Bellatrix Valdaris

Prof. Bellatrix Valdaris

History of architecture, graphic design, architectural design.

Prof. A. Meenatchi Sundaram

Dr. A. Meenatchi Sundaram

Landscape planning and design, Environmental planning and design

Prof. K.Premkumar

Prof. K. Premkumar

Architectural Psychology and Architectural Criticism

Prof. S. Rajendrababu

Prof. S. Rajendrababu

Landscape Architecture


Prof. L. Saikala

structural Analysis, Concrete Technology

Prof. K. Thirumaran

Dr. K. Thirumaran

Architectural Design, Building Construction and materials

Prof.Willson Frederick

Prof. Wilson Frederick

Architecture and Planning, European Architecture, Architectural Graphics

Assistant Professors

Prof. P.Gopalakrishnan

Dr. P. Gopalakrishnan

Architectural Design, Architectural Graphics, Urban Design, Computer application in Architecture

Prof.D Kannamma

Dr. D. Kannamma

Cultural landscape, Landscape conservation, Urban Landscape Architecture, Outdoor Thermal Comfort, Urban Climate


Ms. G. Sangeetha

Building Science, Energy and Built Environment