Dr. A.V. Reddy


Email : reddy@nitt.edu



  • Ph. D. (I.I.Sc., Bangalore)
  • M.E.


  • 25 years of teaching

Subjects of Interest

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Mining
  • Operating Systems



Professional Development

  • Participated in the Seminar on “Research Directions in IT and Applications” organized by the Department of Management Studies, NITT, on 22nd December 2006.
  • Participated in the One day workshop on “Introduction to Simulating Complex Predictive System and Bayesian Modeling in Image Processing”, 25th January,2008, Dept. of Maths, NIT, Trichy-15
  • Participated in the Two- day workshop on “Trends in Bioinformatics”, 1-2, February,2008, Dept. of Maths and Dept. of Computer Applications, NIT, Trichy-15
  • Participated in the Workshop on “Non-Linear Control Systems”, 21st February, 2008, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Department of Maths, NIT, Trichy-15

Workshop/Training Programmes/Summer/Winter Schools Organized

  • Coordinator for Workshop on “Mobile and Pervasive Computing ”, on 06.08.2007.
  • Co-ordinator for Two-day workshop on “MIDlet Technologies for Mobile and Interactive Devices”, during 26-30th December,2007.

Doctoral Guidance

  • Ph. D. Thesis guided : 4
  • On-going Ph. D. Thesis under supervision : 2

      1.  Mr.  Arish P   (Quantum Computing)   Aug,2012
      2.  Mr.  Ravi Chandran T  Jan2013

Contact Address
Dr. A. V. Reddy
Department of Computer Applications
N. I. T. Tiruchirappalli 620 015
Mobile : 09443781597
E-mail : reddy@nitt.edu