The Course aims to:
1. Introduce the dynamics of Communication in the Business world.
2. Help to familiarize and practice the different kinds of communication tools.
3. Give practice in the nuances of spoken communication.
4. Expose to the different forms of Business communication.
Communication in the Business World: Communication: Concepts and Goals – Theories of communication – Organizational and personal goals. Psychology of communication – Channels and Networks – Barriers to and cost of communication
Listening and Speaking Practice: Message Planning – Purposive Listening – – Familiarizing to different accents and tones – Listening Practice - Oral Communication – Extempore speech practice – Presentation skills – Group Discussion Practice - Interview skills. Telephone strategies
Writing practice: Business Correspondence – Different kinds of written communication in business Organizations - Marketing Language – Creativity and Appeal – Report writing practice
Technology and Communication: Practice in telephone etiquette – Limitations & possibilities of E mail - Use of Power point- Role of mass media in business communication
1. Simon Sweeney, “English for Communication”, 2nd Edition, CUP, 2003
2. Leo Jones and Richard Alexander, “New International Business English”, CUP, 2000.
1. Students will be able to communicate in the business world using different communication tools