To introduce different data structures; searching and sorting techniques and their applications.
Linear data Structures – Arrays, Structures, Linked Lists – Singly, Doubly, Circular, XOR, VList, Skip, Jump List, Stack: Definition and examples, Representing Stacks - Queues: Definition and examples, priority queue, Deque, IRD, ORD – Applications of Stack, Queue and Linked Lists- Hashing

Non-Linear data Structures - Graphs – Representation – Linked representation of Graphs – Graph Traversals - Binary Trees – Binary Tree Representations – node representation, internal and external nodes, implicit array representation - Operations on binary trees – Binary tree Traversals - Representing Lists as Binary Trees

Advanced data structures –Data structures for disjoint sets- Red-black trees – insertion and deletion – B-trees – Definition, insertion, deletion – Splay tree, Binomial heaps – operations – Geometric data structures: segment trees, range trees, partition trees

Single-source shortest path algorithms – Bellman-Ford algorithm and Dijkstra's algorithm- Transitive closure -Topological sort
Basic sorting techniques – selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort and merge sort – Basic Search Techniques – linear search and binary search –Search Trees – Tree searching

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Students will be able to
1. Use linear and nonlinear data structures to solve real-time problems
2. Apply basic searching and sorting techniques in different application domains
3. Use design strategies to solve complex problems