To learn different resource management techniques.
One dimensional unconstrained optimization – Fibonacci method – Golden section method – Quadratic approximation method – constrained optimization with Lagrangian multipliers.
Formulation of linear programming problems – Simplex method – Big M method – Two Phase method – Dual Simplex method – Primal Dual problems - Transportation problem – Assignment problem
Dynamic Programming - Formulation – Investment problem – General allocation problem – Stage coach problem – Production scheduling – Reliability problem
Functions of inventories – Deterministic Inventory problems with or without shortage cost – Multi-item deterministic inventory problem – Inventory problem with price breaks – probabilistic models with uniform demand (discrete and continuous cases)
Queuing theory - notation and assumptions – characteristics of queue – Poisson input process – exponential service times – Queuing models – M/M/1 – M/M/C – M/M/1/N – M/M/C/N
1. H.A. Taha, “Operations Research: An Introduction”, 8th Edition, Pearson Education,2008.
2. Swarup.K, Gupta and P.K Man Mohan, “Operations Research”, 14th Edition, Sultan Chand &Sons, 2009.
Students will be able to:
1. Formulate and solve LP /NLP /DP Problems
2. Identify appropriate model for given inventory problems and solve the problems
3. Solve queuing problems using queuing models