OBJECTIVE : To impart knowledge in fundamentals of programming elements with a view to developing professional software development skills.

PREREQUISITES : Introduction to Theory of Functions and knowledge on primitive data types.

UNIT I: Introduction to Data Structures [10]
Elementary Data Structures — Stacks, Queues, and Linked Lists with Applications Implementing Pointers and Objects, Representing Rooted Trees - Hash Tables — Direct Address Tables, Hash Tables, Hash Functions, Open Addressing — Binary Search Trees — Querying a Binary Search Tree, Insertion and Deletion.

UNIT II: Advanced Data Structures [10]
Red-Black Trees — Properties, Rotations, Insertion and Deletion - B-Trees — Definition, Basic Operations, Deleting a key from B-Tree — Graphs - Representations, Breadth-First and Depth-First
Searches - Data Structures For Disjoint Sets — Operations And Representations.

UNIT III: Introduction to Algorithms [10]
Algorithms — Definition, Complexity Concepts, Asymptotic Notations, Recurrences and Solutions — Design Strategies — Recursion, Divide-and-Conquer, Greedy and Dynamic Programming -
Complexity Analysis of Sorting Algorithms — Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Quick and Heap Sorting Techniques .— Searching Algorithms — Linear and Binary Search — Selection in Linear Time.

UNIT IV: Graph Algorithms [10]
Greedy Strategy — Elements of the Strategy, Explanation with Huffman Coding as Example — Minimum Spanning Trees — Kruskal’s and Prim’s Algorithms — Single-Source Shortest Paths — All- Pairs Shortest Paths — Topological Sort.

UNIT V: Selected Topics and Tractability [10]
Polynomials and FFT, Probabilistic Algorithms -- Introduction, Probabilistic Methods for Selection, Sorting and Searching — Algorithms for Random Number Generation — Basic Concepts of NP- Hard and NP-Complete Problems — Cook’s Theorem (Without Proof) — Reduction — Clique Decision Problem.

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