Pre-requisites: CA727,CA712,CA714
To learn the various distributed objects and technologies.

Introduction- Different Forms of Computing- Architecture - Inter-process
Communications:IPC Program Interface-Event Synchronization-Timeoutsand ThreadingDeadlocks
and Timeouts- Data Representation- Data Encoding- Text-Based ProtocolsRequest-Response
Protocols-Event Diagram - Sequence Diagram- Connection-Oriented Vs
Connectionless IPC
Client Server: Architecture – Types of Servers – Connection Oriented-Connectionless,
Iterative- Concurrent and Stateful Servers. Distributed Computing: Paradigm – Architecture
– Application
Socket API and Group Communication:Background-The Socket Metaphor in IPC-The
Datagram Socket API-The Stream-Mode- Socket API- Sockets With Non-blocking I/O
Operations- Secure Socket API. Group Communication – Unicasting- Multicasting and its
types – Java Basic Multicast API - Reliable Multicast API
Distributed Objects : Message Passing Vs Distributed Objects- An Archetypal Distributed
Object Architecture- Distributed Object Systems-Remote Procedure Calls- Remote Method
Invocation: RMI Architecture, API for Java RMI, Sample RMI Application- Building an RMI
Application-Testing and Debugging-Comparison of RMI And Socket APIs
CORBA, COM and Web Services:CORBA Object Interface- Inter-ORB Protocols- Object
Servers- Object Clients- CORBA Object References - CORBA Naming Service -Interoperable
Naming Service- CORBA Object Services- Object Adapters- Java IDL.Web Services:SOAPUDDI-WSDL-XML-RESTFUL

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Course Outcome:
Students will be able to:
1. Explain the principles and issues in Inter Process Communication
2. Use the concepts of client/server in developing applications
3. Implement IPC applications using sockets
4. Practice the distributed object technologies and use them in developing applications