Pre-requisites: CA727, CA726

Objective:To learn the various concept of Distributed and Cloud computing and to study the Architecture and service models in Cloud computing.

1.Distributed Systems Models and Enabling Technologies: Scalable Computing – Technologies for Network-Based Systems – System Models for Distributed and Cloud Computing – Software Environments for Distributed and Clouds – Performance, Security and Energy Efficiency

2.Virtualization concepts: Implementation Levels of Virtualization – Virtualization Structures

  -Tools and Mechanisms – Virtualization of CPU, Memory and I/O Devices – Virtual Clusters and Resource Management – Virtualization for Data-Center Automation, Introduction to Various Virtualization OS - VMware, KVM, Xen.

3.Service-Oriented Architecture for Distributed Computing: Services and SOA – Message-Oriented Middleware – Portals and Science Gateways – Discovery-Registries-Metadata - Workflow in SOA

4.Cloud Computing and Service Models – Data-center Design and Interconnection Networks – Architectural Design of Compute and Storage Clouds – Public cloud Platforms – Inter-cloud Resource Management – Cloud Security and Trust Management

5.Cloud Programming and Software Environments – Features of Cloud and Grid Platforms – Parallel and Distributed Paradigms – Programming Support of Google App Engine – Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure - Emerging Cloud Software Environments



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