Born in 1965 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, he has graduated from Andhra University in 1986. He worked as SSO – II, at IIT Delhi during 1988 – 1991, in a defence project on “Design of Air Filter for Combat Vehicles – Arjun Tank 900HP”. Also, during the same period, involved in consultancy projects for Polymer Papers on “Design of Air Filter for Railways” and “Design and Installation of Test Rig for Air Filter”.


Visited Verfahrenstechnik, Fachochschule, Konstanz, Germany during Sep.’97 – April, 98 for experimental studies on “Wall Friction in Cyclone Separator during Solid Loading”

Visited Nano-Material Characterization Laboratory, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA during June - July 2006 for experimental studies on synthesis of nanowires. During this period he has designed continuous separator for nanowires which would be useful for continuous production and better monitoring of process.


His research interests are:

Particulate Material Handling and Characterization, Fluid Particle Dynamics, Nano – CNT based Composite Materials, Process Modeling and Simulation, CFD, Multiphase flows.