Projects guided


Sl.No Name of the Thesis Year
01 Two phase Experimental heat transfer studies in spiral plate heat exchanger 2007
02 Experimental and Simulation Studies on Jet Mixers 2008
03 Studies on integration of electro chemical and microbial processes for the treatment of textile dye effluents 2011
04 Thermal performance of plate heat exchanger using power law fluids 2014


Sl.No Name of the Thesis Year
01 Performance enhancement of condenser by additives 2015
02 Dynamic prediction and control of plate heat exchanger using ANN 2015
03 Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of an Impinging air Jet 2015
04 Use of Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient and Modelling of Plate Heat Exchanger 2015
05 Development of Control Scheme for prevention of Thermal runaway in the production of Dimethoxy Thiophosphate Acid (DMTA) in a Semi-Batch Process 2015
06 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of an Impinging Air Jet 2014
07 Numerical Studies of Heat Transfer in 6 Channelled Dimpled Plate Heat Exchanger 2014
08 Study of Thermal Performance of Plate Heat Exchanger with Sodium Alginate Solution 2014
09 Development of control scheme for prevention of thermal runaway in he production of dimethoxy thiophosphoric acid in a semibatch process 2014
10 Study on Rheology and Thermophysical Properties of Sodium Alginate Solution 2013
11 Studies on Microwave Assisted Emulsified Oil Removal from Synthetic Waste water 2013
12 Removal of Emulsified Oil From Waste Water Using Rice Straw As An Adsorbent 2012
13 Removal of Emulsified Oil From Waste Water Using Rice Straw As low Cost Adsorbent 2011
14 Experimental Analysis of Mixing Characterization of Carboxylmethyl Cellulose Solution In A Double Jet Mixer Using Tracker Technique By UV Vis Spec Analysis 2011
15 Effectiveness Charts For Thermal Analysis of Seven Corrugated Plate Heat Exchanger Using Carboxymethyl Cellulose Solution as Cold Fluid 2011
16 Modelling And Simulation of Plate Heat Exchanger Using Power Law Fluid as Cold Fluid 2010
17 Analysis of Mixing Characteristics of Power Law Liquids in a Jet Mixer 2010
18 Simulation on Jet Aerator 2010
19 Analysis of Mixing Characteristics in Two phase Jet Mixer Using Dissolved Oxygen Method 2009
20 Optimum configuration of a double jet mixer using DOE 2009
21 Thermal analysis of plate type heat exchanger 2009
22 Thermal Analysis Of Plate Type Heat Exchanger 2008
23 Effect Of Radial Angle On Mixing Time For A Double Jet Mixer 2008
24 Performance Analysis Of Two Phase Jet Mixer 2008
25 Simulations Of Two Phase Jet Mixer 2007
26 Control System Design For Ideal Reactive Distillation Column 2007
27 Jet Mixing Using CFD 2007
28 Control System Design For Ideal Reactive Distillation Column 2006
29 Jet mixing using CFD 2006
30 Studies On Jet Mixing 2004
31 Extraction Equilibrium Studies With-Dual Solvent 2004
32 Studies On Bioleaching 2004
33 Simulation of Multiple Effect Evaporator 2003
34 Debottlenecking of Propylene Glycol Mono Methyl Ether (PGMME) Plant to improve its existing capacity 2003
35 Studies on extraction of p-hydrobenzoic acid using dual solvent technique 2002


Sl.No Name of the Thesis Year
01 Production of Toluene 2015
02 Design of ethyl benzene manufacturing plant 2015
03 Manufacture of Acetylene 2014
04 Manufacture of High Density Polyethylene 2014
05 Hydrogen production and cost estimation analysis 2013
06 Manufacture of Acetaldehyde 2013
07 Manufacture of Ammonium sulphate 2012
08 Manufacture of Polyaniline 2012
09 Manufacture of Terephthalic acid 2011
10 Manufacture of Acetaldehyde 2011
11 Manufacture of Phosphoric acid by Dihydrate process 2010
12 Manufacturing of Sulphuric acid 2010
13 Production of Hydrogen by gasification of coal 2009
14 Manufacture of cement using wet process 2008
15 Manufacture of Penicillin 2005
16 Production of Low Density Polyethylene 2005
17 Manufacture of Poly Isobutylene from LPG 2004
18 Manufacture of Di-ammonium phosphate 2004