Faculty :

Objective :

Introduction To Bioscience:

Types of Microorganisms: Structure and function of microbial cells. Fundamentals of microbial growth , batch and continuous culture. Isolation and purification of Enzymes from cells. Assay of Enzymes.

Functioning Of Cells And Fundamental Molecular Biology:

Metabolism and bio-energetics, Photosynthesis, carbon metabolism, EMP pathway, tricarbocyclic cycle and electron transport chain, aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways. Synthesis and regulation of biomolecules, fundamentals of microbial genetics, role of RNA and DNA .

Enzyme Technology And Kinetics:

Applied Enzyme catalysis , Applications of enzymes in industry and medicine. Immobilization of enzymes. Kinetics of enzyme catalytic reactions involving isolated enzymes. Reversible inhibition.

Reactions Catalysed By Enzymes, Reactors, Analysis:

Reactor Design and Analysis for soluble enzyme systems. Cofactor regeneration . Membrane reactor . Effect of mass transfer in immobilised enzyme particle systems. Reactors for immobilised enzyme systems.

Bio Reactors , Effect Of Transport Processes:

Introduction to Bioreactor design: Continuously Stirred aerated tank bioractors. Mixing power correlation .Determination of volumetric mass transfer rate of oxygen from air bubbles and effect of mechanical mixing and aeration on oxygen transfer rate, heat transfer and power consumption. Multiphase bioreactors and their applications. Downstream processing and product recovery in bioprocesses .


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