• Sheet pile structures - cantilever sheet pile walls in granular and cohesive soils - Anchored bulk heads - Free earth support and fixed earth support methods - Anchors.
  •  Cofferdams - types - cellular cofferdam - uses - Design by TVA and Cumming's method. Well foundations - Types of caissons - Analysis of well foundations - determination of scourdepth - steining thickness - well sinking.
  •  Foundations subjected to vibrations - elements of vibrations - Free, damped, free and forced vibrations - Design criteria - Pauw's analogy - IS Code of practice for impact and reciprocating machines.
  •  Foundation drainage and water proofing - Dewatering well points system, sand drains. Foundations in expansive soils - Mechanism - factors influencing swelling – Use of Geosynthetics.
  •  Stability analysis of slopes - infinite slopes in sand and clays - finite slope - Swedish circle - stability of earth dam slope during steady and sudden draw down - friction circle method - Taylor's stability number. Sheet pile structures - Anchored bulk heads 


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