M. Tech.(Transportation Engineering and Management)

Transportation Engineering and Management

While rapid strides have been made in the design and construction of roads, only recently an awareness is felt that Transportation and Traffic Management needs a scientific approach to effect savings in cost and time of transportation. In this course, both engineering and management aspects of transportation systems with emphasis on road transportation are dealt with. The course includes subjects such as Transport Management Economics, Transportation and Land Use Planning, Financial and Personnel Management, Traffic Engineering and Pavement Design. Computer knowledge is imparted in the areas of CAD in Transportation Engineering, Computer Simulation and Geographical Information Systems. Almost all the subjects have IT content and hands on training on computers will be given. The students have wide scope for placement in Multi-National companies specializing in Transportation Consultancy, Govt. Organizations such as Highways and Railways, Educational Institutions, etc. Professionals working in the transport field can also upgrade their knowledge with the latest techniques.