Dr. K. Viswanathan Iyer




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  • B.Sc.(Hons.) - From St. Xavier's College, Calcutta( now Kolkatta ) University, 1977.
  • Completed an advanced Mathematics course under F.Goureaux, Mathematics Department, St. Xavier's College, Calcutta.
  • B.E. - From Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1981.
  • M.Sc.(Engg.) - From Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1984.
  • Ph.D. - From National Institute of Technology, Trichy, 2007.

Professional/Teaching experience

  • About 8 years in Indian  industry  from 1984-1992.
  • About 24 years in teaching from 1992 till date.

Samples of my lectures

These are part of my notes that I have used as a reference material for a second level course on database systems for post-graduates here.

Here is a sample of some of my notes for the post-graduates here for a second level course on Algorithms.

NPC-Introductory      NPC-3SATs
NPC-Independent Set-Clique-Vertex Cover
NPC-Dominating Set        NPC-Perfect Dominating Set
Approx Algorithms Slides    ZOK-FPTAScheme   LP-Approximation-Algorithms

Find here a sample of  some of the lectures on Algorithms that I have taught for undergraduates here. 

Introductory lecture, Euclidean algorithm for GCDAnalysis-MaxFinding algorithm,   Optimal Min,Max finding
Backtracking–Finding MIS in graphs, Bin packing–FFD heuristics, HITS and PageRank, Revised Introduction to algorithms, Graphs-Coloring-example, Graphs - MIS, Graphs - Coloring and scheduling, Fibonacci numbers, HyperCube

For the enthusiastic beginners to get started into algorithms please click here to see how algorithms may be expressed.


Click here for my list of publications

Here is a copy of my book published in 2012 by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG , almost my doctoral thesis. Click here for some suggested further reading.

Wiener Index of Graphs - Some Graph-Theoretic and Computational Aspects

Subjects of interest

Algorithms, Graph theory, Database theory.

The following students have worked under me in Graph theory/Algorithms   for the Ph.D. degree here in NIT/Trichy:

  • Dr.K.R.Udaya K. Reddy,  An algorithmic study of some distance related problems in graphs (2011) -  click here for synopsis
  • Dr.P.V.Subba Reddy,  A study on r-conditional coloring  and radio-labeling of graphs (2012) -  click here for synopsis

Other activities

I am familiar with ISO9000 and some of the related developments as applied to the software industry. On completing a training course on Internal Auditors of Quality Systems conducted by Quality Management International at Bangalore, I have a certificate dtd. 15th Sept. 1995, no. QMI/IAC/OPH(B)/003.

My students team from NIT-Trichy earned a place in the world finals, held in Tokyo, Japan ,  Banff, Canada and Harbin, China of the 2007, 2008 and 2010 Asociation for Computing Machinery / International Collegiate Programming Contest, popularly known as the olympics of computer programming. Here I am in the cold and here is a final day photograph at Harbin.

For getting started on a doctoral work in Computer Science, here are some quick tips.

Here is one of my ideas to use a university intranet to help Computer Science teaching.

Contact address

K.Viswanathan Iyer
Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology
Tiruchirapalli -620015