Dr. B. Shameedha Begum

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  • Ph.D. NIT Trichy.
  • M.E. ( Embedded and Real-Time Systems)
  • B.E. (CSE).


  • Energy-Efficient Implementation of Multi-Modular Exponential Techniques for Public-key Cryptosystems - 30 lakhs

Subjects of Interest

  • Computer System and Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Real Time Systems


  • IEEE Senior Member

Guest Lectures Delivered:

  • Online Faculty Development Programme on Embedded Systems,03-06, March 2021, Organized by Department of ECE, College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala.

Conference Organised

First International Conference on “Secure Reconfigurable Architectures & Intelligent Computing (SRAIC 2019)” during 28th - 30th November 2019, organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

Patent Published

Development of Smart Walking Stick for Visually Impaired People-Published in IPR- May 2020.

Workshop Organised

  • Five Days FDP on "Smart Grid Features and Blockchain Technology for Smart Grid"
  • Two Days Workshop on "Advanced Embedded System Design on Zynq Using Vivado Targeting Zed Board"
  • Four days Workshop on "Introduction to Embedded Systems with Application to IoT"
  • Two days Workshop on "Digital Design Using XILINX SDSoC Software Tool"
  • Five days Workshop on "Xilinx SoC: FPGA Based Design"

Workshop Attended

  • One week online Faculty Development Program on "E-Content Development ", organized by NITTTRC, Chennai.
  • One week workshop on "Programme Optimization for Multicore Architectures" at IIT Kanpur
  • Two Day workshop on "Intelligent Robotics " at IIT, Bombay.
  • One day Digital India Workshop at NIT Trichy.
  • Two Week ISTE SSTP on "Introduction to algorithms" at NIT Trichy.
  • One Week Faculty Development Program on "Parallel Programming for HPC" at IISC Bangalore.
  • One Week Summer School on "Computer Architecture" at IIT Kanpur.
  • One Day Workshop on " Hardware Security" at SETS Chennai.

Abroad Visits

  • John Moores University, Liverpool, London, UK.

International Journals

  • Kokila J, Arjun Murali Das, Shameedha B, Ramasubramanian N, "Hardware Signature Generation Using a Hybrid PUF and FSM model for an SoC Architecture", Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2019.
  • Bhukya Krishna Priya, Sampath Kumar, B Shameedha Begum, N Ramasubramanian, “Cache lifetime enhancement technique using hybrid cache-replacement-policy”, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 97, pp-1-15, 2019.
  • B. Shameedha Begum, N. Ramasubramanian, “Design of an Intelligent Data Cache with Replacement policy”, IJERTCS, Volume 10(2).2019.
  • Satyanarayana Vollala, B Shameedha Begum, Amit D Joshi, N Ramasubramanian, "Bit Forwarding 3-Bits Technique for Efficient Modular Exponentiation”, International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP), Volume 11(2), pp.11-24, 2017.
  • Shameedha Begum, T Vidya, Amit D. Joshi, and N Ramasubramanian, “A Reconfigurable Cache Design for Embedded Dynamic Data cache”, IJCTA, Volume 9(17), pp. 8509-8517, 2016.
  • Babysyla, Satheesh Kumar and Shameedha Begum, “Defending against malwares: Sandbox Detection and Prevention of Malwares in Android Devices”, JCSEITR, Volume 5(1), pp.7-20, 2015.

International Conferences

  • AnupDas, Bhukya Krishna Priya, B. Shameedha Begum,N.Ramasubramanian, “Studies On Performance Of ImageSplicing Techniques Using Learned Self-Consistency”,Springer, ICCET,2021.
  • Ruchika, N. Ramasubramanian, B. Shameedha Begum, “ Credit Card Fraud Detection”, International Conference on Computing and Telecommunication Engineering, Springer,DIEMS, 2019.
  • Krishna Priya, Sampath Kumar, N. Ramasubramanian, B. Shameedha Begum, “Enhancing the Lifetime of STT-RAM with MRU Replacement Algorithm”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology(RAIT) IEEE, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, 2018.
  • Amit D. Joshi, Indrajeet S, N. Ramasubramanian, B. Shameedha Begum, “Analyzing Multi-core Cache Coherence Protocols from Energy and Performance Perspective”, International Conference on Recent Innovation in Signal processing and Embedded System (RISE) IEEE, 2017.
  • Satyanarayana Vollala, Indrajeet S, B. Shameedha Begum, and N. Ramasubramanian,” Evaluation of Password Encrypted Key Exchange authentication Techniques: Design approach perspective”, International Conference on Internet of things and Machine Learning, John Moores University Liverpool, UK, 2017.
  • Vollala Satyanarayana, Ramasubramanian N, Begum, B S,  Joshi A D, “Dual core Implementation of Right to Left Modular Exponentiation“, 5th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics, Volume 1, pp. 43-53, Springer, 2017.
  • Satyanarayana Vollala, Shameedha Begum, Amit D. Joshi and N. Ramasubramanian, “High-Radix Modular Exponentiation for Hardware Implementation of Public-Key Cryptography”, IEEE International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Security Trends (CAST-2016), Pune, India, pp. December-2016. (Awarded Best Paper)
  • Shameedha Begum, Arun Krishnakumar, Amit D. Joshi and N Ramasubramanian, “Design of a Reconfigurable Embedded Data Cache," IEEE International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Security Trends (CAST-2016), Pune, India, pp. ,December-2016.
  • Joshi, A. D., Vollala Satyanarayana., Begum, B. S., & Ramasubramanian N, “Performance Analysis of Cache Coherence Protocols for Multi-core Architectures: A System Attribute Perspective” ACM International Conference on Advances in Information Communication Technology & Computing, Bikanir, India, Article No. 22, August–2016.
  • Satyanarayana Vollala, B. Shameedha Begum, and N. Ramasubramanian, “Hardware design for multiplicative modular inverse based on table look up technique”, IEEE International Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet) Trivandrum, India, pp. 520-523, March – 2015.
  • Begum, B. Shameedha, and N. Ramasubramanian, “A comparative study of cache performance for embedded applications” IEEE International Conference on Computing and Network Communications (CoCoNet), Trivandrum, India, pp. 872-876, March - 2015.

National Conferences

  • B. Shameedha Begum, S. Vasatharathna, “ Leakage Current reduction on CMOS Devices using Gate replacement and Divide and Conquer Approach”, Natioanl Conference on New Frontiers in Computing(NCONFIC-07), KSR College of Technology, India, March 2007. (Awarded First Prize)

Administrative Activities

  • IEEE Computer Society-Student Branch- Chapter Advisor
  • Library Committee Member
  • CSG Committee Member
  • Staff Advisor -PRAGYAN
  • Staff Advisor -VORTEX
  • Dept. TEQIP Coordinator
  • Involved in NBA work
  • Students Mentor
  • Class in-charge
  • Purchased Lab equipment for B. Tech. and M.Tech. CSE students.

Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels

  • Advanced Microprocessor Systems
  • Numerical Computing
  • Microprocessor Systems
  • Logical Foundations of Computer Science
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals
  • Digital Systems Design(Theory and Lab)
  • Mobile Applications Development (Theory and Lab)
  • Parallel Computer Architecture
  • C Programming(Theory and Lab)
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Real Time Systems
  • Computer Organization
  • Computer Architecture
  • Parallel Architecture and Programming


  • DC Member for  Ph.D. candidates(SRM Chennai,CIT Coimbatore)
  • Inspection Committee Member for Anna University Trichy.
  • Handled Digital System Design and Mobile Application Developments subjects for B.Tech students of IIIT Srirangam.
  • Guided project for M.Tech. student of IIIT Srirangam.
  • Guided project for the undergraduate student under Margadarshan Scheme.
  • Computer Trainer for Police Personal at NIT Trichy.
  • Delivered lectures for the Ministerial Staff at IMTI Trichy.
  • Visited Intel Bangalore.
  • Visited NPOL, Cochin.

Contact Address

B. Shameedha Begum,
Assistant Professor,
Computer Science and Engineering,
National Institute of Technology,
Tiruchirapalli - 620015.

Contact Number:
Staff room:0431-2503215