• To get familiar and understand the fundamental notions in discrete mathematics
  • To understand and demonstrate the basic concept of an algorithm and its application in combinatorial mathematics
  • To identify the basic properties of graphs and trees and model simple applications



  • Ability to distinguish between the notion of discrete and continuous mathematical structures
  • Ability to construct and interpret finite state diagrams and DFSA
  • Application of induction and other proof techniques towards problem solving


Unit – I

Set Theory And Logic - Sets, Functions, Relations, Equivalence Relation,Poset. Functions Logic: Propositional Logic, Truth Tables, Tautologies, Resolution Proof System, Predicate Logic.


Unit – II

Induction And Combinatorics - Peano's Axioms - Mathematical Induction - Pigeon-Hole Principle - Principle Of Inclusion And Exclusion - Review Of Permutations And Combinations - Distribution Problems - Derangements - Bijection Principle.


Unit – III

Algebraic Structures- Semi-Groups, Monoids, Groups, Subgroups And Their Properties -Cyclic Groups - Cosets - Permutation Groups - Lagrange's Theorem - Cayley's Theorem -Normal Subgroups - Homomorphism Of Groups - Quotient Groups –Introduction To Rings And Fields.


Unit – IV

Linear Algebra And Recurrence Relations- Linear Algebra: Vector Space, Basis, Dimension, Orthogonality.Recurrence Relations :Homogeneous And Inhomogeneous Recurrences And Their Solutions - Solving Recurrences Using Generating Functions.


Unit – V

Graph Theory- Definitions And Basic Results - Representation Of A Graph By A Matrix And Adjacency List - Trees - Cycles - Properties - Paths And Connectedness - Subgraphs - Graph Isomorphism - Operations On Graphs - Vertex And Edge Cuts - Vertex And Edge Connectivity.



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