Energy and Environment (CEESAT)


About the Department

Department of Energy and Environment (DEE), formerly, Centre for Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (CEESAT) was established at Regional Engineering College (present-day NITT) in 1995, under the auspices of UK – India RECs Project: Energy Theme. CEESAT was renamed as Department of Energy and Environment in 2012. The mission of DEE is to develop solutions for a better energy and environmental future, through development of technical human resource and technology. DEE is housed in an energy efficient building with least carbon foot print for both its building and operation. DEE harbours an NABL accredited calibration lab and ISO 9001:2008 certified state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with sophisticated instruments and software, with the objective of catering to academic and industrial research needs. DEE aids high-spirited research and teaching in the areas of sustainable energy technologies, environmental pollution control, energy and environmental audit. The faculty members are trained at various UK universities such as University of Salford, UMIST, De Montfort, Sheffield, Reading, Leeds and Building Research Establishment. The time of the department is shared equally between academics, research and consultancy activities. The consultancy services offered include solid and liquid testing, calibration and energy auditing of industries and academic institutes. The department is committed to convert its research outcomes into a real time technology transfer to the society and industry where it meets out its ultimate objective.


Head of the Department
Department of Energy and Environment
National Institute of Technology ,
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