Ph D Guidance


Sl.No. Name of the student Title of the Thesis Status
1 Prof. T.Shanmuganantham Investigations on Broadband Suspended Microstrip Antennas with Shaped Ground Plane and Novel Compact Printed Antennas for Wireless Applications Completed - Best Thesis Award
2 Prof. G. Jagajothi Experimental measurement, Simulation and Study of some properties of Biological Tissues Completed
3 Prof. P. Thiruvalar Selvan Study of Coplanar Waveguide Quasi Static Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Applications Completed
4 Prof. A. Subba Rao Study of CPW fed Planar Antennas for UWB Applications Completed
5 Prof. S. Suganthi Fractal Antenna (As a research mentor) Completed
6 Prof. Pandeeswari Metamaterials Completed
7 Prof. V.Rajesh Kumar Metamaterials Completed
8 M. Ramaraj Biomedical Microwave Imaging -
9 Pradeep Narayanan RF MEMS Ongoing
10 S. Imaculate Rosaline Biological effect of Metamaterials


11 E. Vinodha Biological Effects of Microwaves Ongoing
12 Ananya Parameswaran Metamaterials Ongoing
13 Arvind Kumar Substrate Integrated Waveguide Ongoing
14 Divya Chaturvedi Biological Effects of Microwaves Ongoing