Antennas and Propagation

Pre-Requisite : EC205
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective :

To impart knowledge on basics of antenna theory and to analyze  and design a start of art antenna for wireless communications.

Topics Covered :

Radiation fundamentals. Potential theory. Helmholtz integrals. Radiation from a current element. Basic antenna parameters. Radiation field of an arbitrary current distribution. Small loop antennas.

Receiving antenna. Reciprocity relations. Receiving cross section, and its relation to gain. Reception of completely polarized waves. Linear antennas. Current distribution. Radiation field of a thin dipole. Folded dipole. Feeding methods. Baluns.

Antenna arrays. Array factorization. Array parameters. Broad side and end fire arrays. Yagi-Uda arrays Log-periodic arrays.

Aperture antennas. Fields as sources of radiation. Horn antennas. Babinet’s principle. Parabolic reflector antenna. Microstrip antennas.

Wave Propagation :   Propagation in free space. Propagation around the earth, surface wave propagation, structure of the ionosphere, propagation of plane waves in ionized medium, Determination of critical frequency, MUF. Fading, tropospheric propagation, Super refraction.

Course Outcomes :

Students are able to

  • CO1: Select the appropriate portion of electromagnetic theory and its application to antennas.
  • CO2: Distinguish the receiving antennas from transmitting antennas, analyze and justify their characteristics.
  • CO3: Assess the need for antenna arrays and mathematically analyze the types of antenna arrays.
  • CO4: Distinguish primary from secondary antennas and analyze their characteristics by applying optics and acoustics principles.
  • CO5: Outline the factors involved in the propagation of radio waves using practical antennas.

Text Books:

  • R.E. Collin, Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation, McGraw - Hill,1985.
  • W.L. Stutzman & G.A. Thiele : Antenna Theory and Design, Wiley.

Reference Books:

  • K.F. Lee, Principles of Antenna Theory, Wiley,1984.
  • Frederick Emmons  Terman  ,  Electronic Radio Engineering (4/e).   McGraw Hill.
  • J.R. James etal, Microstrip Antenna Theory and Design, IEE, 1981.