Embedded Systems

Pre-Requisite :EC208 and EC311
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3


  • To introduce students to the modern embedded systems and to show how to understand and program such systems using a concrete platform built around
  • A modern embedded processor like the Intel ATOM.

Topics Covered :

Introduction to Embedded  systems. Embedded system vs general Computing system. Classification of Embedded system. Core of Embedded system. RISC vs CISC controllers. Harvard vs Van Neumen architecture.

IA 32:  Block diagram description and functions  of each unit. Atom processor-Addressing modes,  Registers,  Memory accesses, memory map,   Instruction set,  Segmentation

Task switching,  Paging,  Hyper-threading, Caches and TLB,  Execution pipeline,  Interrupts, Software optimization,  VT. FSB Architecture. Chipset  over view. BIOS Configuration and responsibilities.  BOOT up sequence.

Operating system overview. Operating system concepts. Processes and Tasks and Threads. Scheduling. Memory allocation. Clocks and timers. Inter task synchronization. Device driver models. Bus drivers. Power management, Examples and overview of Real time OS

Case studies of embedded systems using Atom processors.

Course Outcomes :

Students are able to

  • CO1: Describe   the differences between the general computing system and the embedded     system, also recognize the classification of embedded systems..
  • CO2: Become aware of  the architecture of  the ATOM processor and its programming aspects (assembly  Level)
  • CO3: Become aware of interrupts, hyper threading and software optimization.
  • CO4: Design real time embedded systems using the concepts of RTOS.
  • CO5: Analyze various examples of embedded systems based on ATOM processor.

Text Books:

  • Raj Kamal,  Embedded Systems  Architecture, Programming, and Design. (2/e), Tata McGraw Hill, 2008.
  • K.V. Shibu, Introduction To Embedded Systems, Tata McGraw, 2009.
  • Peter Barry and Patric  Crowley, Intel architecture for Embedded system .

Reference Books:

  • Pierre Dandumont, Intel and Declining Power Consumption, 2008.
  • V. Sanjay, Prashant Paliwal, Guidelines for migrating to Intel® Atom Processor from other Processor architecture, 2010.
  • Lori Matassa and Max Domeika, Break Away with Intel® Atom™ Processors,2010, Intel press.