Programme Educational Objectives and Outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Our Graduates would be successful in Technical and Professional careers

PEO2: Our Graduates would be successful in their post-undergraduate studies at leading Institutions.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Graduates of the Electronics and Communication Engineering programme will have the ability

PO1: To apply the knowledge on Mathematics, Science, and Engineering concepts in Complex Engineering problems.

PO2: To analyze the complex engineering problems by using the first principles of Mathematics and Engineering fundamentals.

PO3: To design a component, a system or process to meet the specific needs within realistic constraints such as economics, environment, ethics, health, safety and manufacturability.

PO4: To perform investigations, design as well as conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions.

PO5: To select and apply appropriate techniques for the design & analysis of systems using modern CAD tools.

PO6: To offer engineering solutions to societal problems.

PO7: To understand that the solutions have to be provided taking the environmental issues and sustainability into consideration.

PO8: To understand professional responsibilities and Ethics.

PO9: To function effectively either as a member or a leader in multidisciplinary activities.

PO10: To communicate effectively to both the peers and the others and give as well receive clear instructions

PO11: To apply engineering & management principles in their own / team projects in a multidisciplinary environment.

PO12: To Realize the need for lifelong learning and engage them to adopt technological changes.

Programme Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)‚Äč

Students at the time of graduation will be able

PSO1: To face the challenges in their professional career in industry and government by integrating the existing and advanced knowledge in Electronics and Communication engineering to analyze problems and provide solutions.

PSO2: To design cost-effective systems and components for engineering/social applications by applying appropriate technology in Electronics and Communication engineering domain.

PSO3: To lead research and transform innovative ideas into reality, establish themselves as successful professionals and possess technical competency to take up higher studies.