Bio MEMS    3-0-0-3


  • To train the students in the design aspects of Bio MEMS devices and Systems. To make the students aware  of  applications  in various  medical  specialists  especially the  Comparison  of  conventions methods and Bio MEMS usage.



Introduction-The      driving      force      behind      Biomedical      Applications-Biocompatibility-Reliability Considerations-Regularity    Considerations-Organizations-Education    of    Bio    MEMS-Silicon    Micro fabrication-Soft Fabrication techniques

Micro fluidic Principles- Introduction-Transport Processes- Electro kinetic Phenomena-Micro valves –Micro mixers- Micro pumps.

SENSOR PRINCIPLES and MICRO SENSORS:  Introduction-Fabrication-Basic Sensors-Optical fibers- Piezo electricity and SAW devices-Electrochemical detection-Applications in Medicine

MICRO  ACTUATORS  and  DRUG  DELIVERY:  Introduction-Activation  Methods-Micro  actuators  for Micro fluidics-equivalent circuit representation-Drug Delivery

MICRO TOTAL ANALYSIS: Lab on Chip-Capillary Electrophoresis Arrays-cell, molecule and Particle Handling-Surface Modification-Microsphere-Cell based Bioassay Systems

Detection and Measurement Methods-Emerging Bio MEMS Technology-Packaging, Power, Data and RF Safety-Biocompatibility, Standards


Text Book

1.   Steven S. Saliterman, Fundamentals of Bio MEMS and Medical Micro devices, Wiley Interscience, 2006.


Reference Books

1.   Albert Folch , Introduction to Bio MEMS, CRC Press, 2012

2.   Gerald A. Urban, Bio MEMS, Springer, 2006

3.   Wanjun wang, steven A. Soper, Bio MEMS

4.   Marc J. Madou, Fundametal of Micro fabrication,

5.   Gregory T. A. Kovacs, Micro machined Transducers Sourcebook.



Students are able to

CO1: learn and realize the MEMS applications in Bio Medical Engineering

CO2: understand the Micro fluidic Principles and study its applications.

CO3: learn the applications of Sensors in Health Engineering.

CO4: learn the principles of Micro Actuators and Drug Delivery system

        CO5: learn the principles and applications of Micro Total Analysis