Mixed - Signal Circuit Design     3-0-0-3


  • To make the students to understand the design and performance measures concept of mixed signal circuit.



Concepts of Mixed-Signal Design and Performance Measures. Fundamentals of Data Converters. Nyquist Rate Converters and Over sampling Converters.

Design methodology for mixed signal IC design using gm/Id concept.

Design of Current mirrors. References. Comparators and Operational Amplifiers.

CMOS Digital Circuits Design: Design of MOSFET Switches and Switched-Capacitor Circuits, Layout Considerations.

Design of frequency and Q tunable continuous time filters.


Text Books

  1. R. Jacob Baker, Harry W. Li, David E. Boyce, CMOS, Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, Wiley-IEEE Press, 1998

  2. David A. Johns and Ken Martin, Analog Integrated Circuit Design, John Wiley and Sons, 1997.



Students are able to

CO1:  appreciate the fundamentals of data converters and also optimized their performances.

CO2: understand the design methodology for mixed signal IC design using gm/Id concept.

CO3: analyze the design of current mirrors and operational amplifiers

              CO4: design the CMOS digital circuits and implement its layout.

              CO5: design the frequency and Q tunable time domain filters.