Currents - Symposium

CURRENTS is the annual technical symposium of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of NIT Tiruchirappalli, or quite simply, The Trical Department. Students of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Instrumentation Engineering and Diploma Courses from all colleges are welcomed to participate in Currents’15!

CURRENTS was first incepted in the 1990s as a humble affair, by a group of enthusiastic members of the EEE Association. Recent editions have seen the event grow exponentially, with the latest edition bearing witness to this fact, recording an unheralded footfall of over a thousand participants.

Conveniently scheduled during the more relaxed days of a sapping and long Even Semester - JANUARY 30 - FEBRUARY 1, CURRENTS provides the perfect platform to showcase technical acumen, compete with peers and most important of all, imbibe inspiration. It has on offer, a plethora of innovative events, state-of-the-art workshops and the best guest lectures from the most revered academicians and industrialists.

The Events offered are:

  • Lab Rat Race (A race to finish with electronic, electrical and MATLAB hurdles)
  • Circuitrix (A circuit debugging contest)
  • Currents Tech Quiz
  • Line Racer (Line Follower Competition)
  • Electronic Arts (Art the Trical Way. Make art from electronic components)
  • Code Currents (Online coding contest)

In addition there is also Colloquium, the technical paper presentation event.

There are loads of prizes to be won in each event.

In the Workshops arena, there are six amazing workshops lined up

  • Baxter Robotic Arm
  • Mobile Controlled Robotics
  • Digital Design Using FPGA
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • PCB Design Workshop
  • Image Processing Workshop

Finally, there is DHRUVA - the award for the most creative student.
Do not miss out on the fun as this event is not the ordinary answer-the-tech-questions type....

Our flagship event SPARK, is aimed towards reaching a solution for a social problem through Electrical and Electronics. Stay tuned to the FB page and o\ ur website (given below) for the problem statement and a chance to win the bumper cash prize!

Over the years, we have made it a tradition of organizing interesting and informative lectures by experts from varied fields. Stay tunes to our site for updat\ es!

Certificates, Prizes and Take-away kits:

  • Certificates of Participation will be provided to all participants of all events and workshops.
  • Winners of competitions will be given Certificates of Merit mentioning their achievement.
  • Cash Prizes are to be awarded to winners in all the events. (Please visit our website for details)
  • Take-away kits will be provided for participants of certain workshops which will be designated clearly prior to registrations.
  • Exciting Prizes will be awarded to enthusiastic participants of workshops and events.


Accommodation will be provided for those who need it within the institute campus. So , come this February, the largely barren campus of NITT will be converted into a hub of activity, with the iconic EEE Department building at the center of t\ his buzz, teeming with the brightest and the most eager minds of the field.

If past trends are anything to go by, the latest instalment will be the biggest yet- something you would barely want to miss.

Currents '15 Co-ordinators Details:

Ruthrash (Chairman) 9962644599
Nanda Kishore (Treasurer) 9841631475
Sarath  (Overall Coordinator) 8015744775
Vinodheni (Public Relations & Hospitality) 9445666531
Vishnu (Events) 9884128283
Nitin (Workshops) 9600153461

For more details, visit