Linearity , shift - invariance - Unit sample response characterisation – Convolution summation , causality , linear difference equations with constant coefficients and their solution using Z-transform – System function concept.

Discrete Fourier Transform and its properties – Circular convolution – Linear convolution of two finite length sequences through circular convolution, Sectioned convolutions –Relationship between Z-Transform, Fourier Transform and DFT, Digital filter sampling, Introduction to radix-2 FFT – decimation in time and decimation in frequency radix2 algorithm – FFT Fortran program

Amplitude and phase response of FIR filters – Linear phase filters – Windowing technique for the design of linear phase FIR filters – Rectangular – Hamming and

Kaiser windows – Frequency sampling technique – Introduction to optimal filters.


Properties of IIR digital filters – Design of IIR filters from continuous time filters – Impulse invariance and Bilinear transformation technique – Finite Word Length

Effects – Elementary ideas of finite word length effects in digital filters.

Architecture and features of signal processor and motion controller.



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