Introduction to solid state drives, various components-power converters, motors, loads, coupling mechanisms, Stability of drive.

Modeling of d.c.motor drives. Transfer function and state-space models. Experimental determination of drive parameters. Speed control using ac to dc converters, Input performance parameters, Speed reversal schemes.

Chopper fed d.c.motor drives. Four quadrant operation. Input filter design. Dynamic braking with dc chopper. Type-c chopper fed regenerative braking. Operation with non-receptive lines.

Power converters for induction motor speed control. Harmonic behavior of induction motors-harmonic currents and harmonic torques using per phase equivalent circuit. Stator voltage control schemes. Speed control of wound type motors.

State-space modeling of induction motors. Voltage source-Inverter fed operation. Field oriented control schemes. Current source –inverter drives. Principle of vector control.

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