8-Bit Microprocessor - 8085 architecture and memory interfacing ( RAM & ROM), interfacing I/O devices - instruction set - addressing modes - assembly language programming – interrupts - timing diagram

8051 Microcontroller - Intel 8051 architecture, memory organization, flags, stack, special function registers, I/O, ports - connecting external memory, counters and timers, serial data I/O, Interrupts

Microcontroller instructions - addressing modes, moving data, logical operations, arithmetic operations, jump and call instructions – subroutines - Interrupts and returns

Microcontroller programming - Assembly Language Programming, timer and counter programming, connection to RS 232, Interrupt programming

Peripherals and interfacing - Serial and parallel I/O (8251 and 8255), Programmable DMA controller, Programmable interrupt controller, ADC/DAC interfacing, Waveform generation, speed control of DC motor, Stepper motor control, seven segment LED display




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