Laplace Transform of Standard functions, derivatives and integrals – Inverse Laplace transform –Convolution theorem-Periodic functions – Application to ordinary differential equations and simultaneous equations with constant coefficients and integral equations.

Fourier series – Dirichlet’s conditions - Half range Fourier cosine and sine series - Parseval's relation - Fourier series in complex form - Harmonic analysis.

Fourier transforms - Fourier cosine and sine transforms - inverse transforms - convolution theorem and Parseval's identity for Fourier transforms - Finite cosine and sine transforms.

Formation of partial differential equations eliminating arbitrary constants and functions - solution of first order equations - four standard types - Lagrange’s equation - homogeneous and non-homogeneous type of second order linear differential equation with constant coefficients.

One-dimensional wave equation and one-dimensional heat flow equation - method of separation of variables - Fourier series solution.

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