• Definitions of system - system boundary, property, process, cycle, heat, work, reversible and quasistatic processes- Heat and work transfer during different types of processes


  • First law of Thermodynamics - Closed system application-internal energy -heat transfer calculations -open system applications-non flow and flow System applications


  • Second Law of Thermodynamics- Heat engine, Refrigerators, Kelvin – Planck statement – Clausius statement – their equivalence – Carnot cycle – Clausius Inequality – entropy change – TS diagram.


  • Entropy change – Gas power cycle -Vapour power cycle-Rankine cycle-reheat cycle-regenerative cycle-calculations for efficiency and power output using steam tables and mollier chart


  • Reciprocating air compressors –optimum pressure ratio in multistage compression-inter cooling-effect of clearance volume- Performance and testing of IC engines.




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