Program Objectives and Outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The major objectives of the B.Tech. programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering are to prepare students:


1.       for graduate study in engineering

2.       to work in research and development organizations

3.       for employment in electrical power industries

4.       to acquire job in electronic circuit design and fabrication industries

5.       to work in IT and ITES industries


The students who have undergone the B.Tech. programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

1. will have an ability to apply knowledge  of mathematics and science in EEE systems.

2. will have an ability to provide solutions for EEE problems by designing and conducting experiments, interpreting and analysing data, and reporting the results.

3. will have comprehensive understanding of the entire range of electronic devices, analog and digital circuits with added state-of art knowledge on advanced electronic  systems.

4. will have knowledge and exposure on different  power electronic circuits and drives for industrial applications.

5. will have in-depth knowledge in transmission and distribution systems, power system analysis and protection systems to pursue a career in the power sector.

6. will have a good knowledge in microprocessors/microcontrollers, data structures, computer programming and simulation software.

7. will be able to develop mathematical modelling, analysis and design of control systems and associated instrumentation for EEE.

8. will be able to systematically carry out projects related to EEE.

9. will have an ability to participate as members in various professional bodies as well as multidisciplinary design teams.

10.will demonstrate the ability to choose and apply appropriate resource management techniques so as to optimally utilize the available resources.

11.will be proficient in English language in both verbal and written forms which will enable them  to compete globally.

12.will have confidence to apply engineering solutions with professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

13. will be able to excel in their professional endeavours through self-education.

14. will be able to design and build renewable energy systems for developing clean energy and sustainable technologies.

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