Dr. S. Narayanan


Dr. S. Narayanan
Email : narayanan@nitt.edu

Employment Profile

Industrial Experience

No Duration Organization Title of Project and Nature of work Designation
April 09,2001 to June 11,2001 Yokogawa Blue Star Limited, Bangalore Systems group Trainee Engineer

Teaching Experience

Job Title Employer From To
Teaching Research Associate, Remarks: consolidated emoluments of 8000/-p.m in the first year,Rs8500/-p.m in the second year, Rs9000/-p.m in the third year and Rs9500/-p.m in the final year. Teaching/lab workload :10-12 hours/week. Department of Instrumentation Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai July 2001 July 2005
Lecturer (self-supporting) Scale of pay: 8000-275-13500 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai Aug 2005 May2007
Lecturer Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Trichy 4th May 2007 Dec.2008
Assistant Professor 7000 National Institute of Technology, Trichy Dec.2008 Dec.2011
Assistant Professor 8000 National Institute of Technology, Trichy Dec.2011 Till date

Academic Qualifications

Qualifications Board / University Year Division/ Grade Subjects
PhD MIT, Anna University Dec 2008 - Process Control
M.E. MIT, Anna University Jan 2001 FIRST Instrumentation

Academic/Administrative Responsibilities within the University

Position Faculty/Department/Centre/Institution From To
Water doctor maintenance committee member Institute level
Electronics Lab in charge department
One of the coordinator for AICTE-MHRD sponsored course on computer control of process.
UG&PG Project Review committee member department
PAC Chairman department
Staff Advisor for department student symposium department
Staff advisor for 2008 Batch
PhD DC member ICE Department and allied department
Purchase committee member- DST-FIST (4.0 lakhs) department
Member of Boards of Studies, ICE Department department
One of the stock verification officers Other department
One of the committee member in reception committee in connection with NITT Director’s meet held on 22nd -24th September 2009
One of the committee member in prizes, electrical works and decoration committee in connection with Festember-09 held on 17th -21st September 2009
One of the NBA coordinator in the department level

Academic/Administrative Responsibilities outside the University

Position Institution From To
Anna university representative(AUR) for Tamil Nadu engineering entrance examination at Namakkal Year-2003- PGP arts college, Namakkal. Year-2004- Government arts college, Namakkal.
Doctoral committee
member for PhD
MIT campus, College of engineering guindy campus, Thiagarajar College of Engineering,

Awards, Associateships etc.

  1. Paper titled, “Robust PI stabilization of Rosenbrock system”, has been selected as best paper among the papers presented in the field of control engineering during the TIMA international conference, 2004. Chennai.
  2. Paper titled, “IMC based PID controller design for gas turbine plant”, has been selected in the Best of books, 2009, AMSE Publications.

Details of Academic Work

  • Curriculum Development-
  • Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels


  1. computer control of process
  2. modern control


  1. LIC lab
  2. LIC theory
  3. Process control
  4. control system
  5. modern control theory
  6. logic and distributed control
  7. analog electronics
  8. circuit theory
  9. circuit lab
  10. Control system lab
  • Projects guided at Postgraduate level
No. Name Year of
Title of Thesis
1 Boban vargese
2016 Multivariable control system design
2 Jyothis sebastian
2015 Optimal control system design
3 Marrtin Luthur S.K
2010 Investigation on fractional order
4 Vagya.B
2010 Computation of stabilizing PI, PID
controllers for SISO system
5 Jeya Senthil
2008 Control system design
  • Other contribution(s)

Institute interaction

  1. Area: fractional order control

Mentor: Dr.J.prakash, Department on Instrumentation Engineering ,

MIT,Anna university, Chennai

  1. Area: control of recycle process

Duration: 5 years

Mentor: Dr. Ravindra Gudi,

Department on chemical Engineering , IIT,Bombay

  1. TINA open source software introduced from 2013 onwards in analog integrated circuits lab. It is useful to demonstrate the theory concepts.

Details of Major R&D Projects

Title of Project Funding Agency From To Ongoing/ Completed
Modeling and Control of Processes with Large Process and Random Distrurbances CDAC-ASTeC Project 2009 2012 Co-PI ,Completed,10 Lakhs

Number of PhDs guided



  1. Kondareddy,

MS (Research)-Completed:

Area: multivariable control-



1.Ramanuja Vinayak

2.Devi Arati

Participation in Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia /Seminars/ Schools etc. (mentioning the role)

1. Two day programme on “conclave on academic reforms “on 28th &29th April 2015 held at NIT, Trichy.
2. One day the tutorial workshop on “data based analysis & synthesis of linear systems", 31 December 2013.
3. Two day faculty orientation programme on "class room management &communication held on 5th&6th, October 2012, Tanjore.
4. Two days seminar on current trends in industrial Automation, NITT.
Sponsoring agency: NITT
Duration: 18th-19th February, 2010.
5. One day seminar on Automation system technology, MIT, Chennai.
Sponsoring agency: CDAC, PROJECT
Duration: 19th December, 2009
6. One day tutorial on Advanced Automation, MIT, Chennai.
Sponsoring agency: CDAC, PROJECT
Duration:18th December, 2009
7. One day workshop on polynomial global optimization and constraint propagation
techniques, NITT.
Sponsoring agency: NITT.
Duration: 17th December, 2009.
8. One week Tutorial workshop on “Advanced Optimal Control and Estimation“,
Sponsoring agency: TEQIP
Duration: 28th-01st August, 2008.
9. One week induction Training programme on “Industrial Design and Delivery“NITTR.
Sponsoring agency: TEQIP
Duration: 07th-12th July, 2008.
10. One day workshop on Multi variable control system, NITT.
Sponsoring agency: TEQIP
Duration: 29th February, 2008.
11. Two days UGC sponsored short term course on “advanced process control”,
Annamalai University, Chidambaram. 28thFebruary, 2003- 01st March 2003.

Participated in conference and presented a paper in
1. RTIC2016 held at MIT Anna University.
2. ICC2016 held at Hyderabad.
3. RTIC2015 held at MIT Anna University.
4.TIMA2011, Chennai.
5. The international conference on modeling and simulation (MS’09, India) held at
6. The National conference on electrical engineering and embedded systems, Anna
University, Chennai.
7.NCPICD-2005 held at MIT, Chennai. 16th -17th December2005.
8. IEEE INDICON, 2005, held at IIT Madras. 11-13 December 2005.
9. ICECON2005 held at NIT, Tiruchirappalli.
10. NSC2004 held at Vellore.
11.TIMA2004 held at CSIR Complex, Chennai, and 18th December2004.

Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia/Seminars Organized (as Chairman/ Organizing Secretary/ Convenor / Co-Convenor)

Title of Activity Level of Event
National/ Local)
Date (s) Role Venue
sponsored course on
computer control of
National 4th
-9th Jan.
one of the coordinator NIT, Trichy

Invited Talks delivered

Topic Date Inviting Organization
Robust control 28thFebruary, 2003- 01st
March 2003.
Annamalai university
Model reference adaptive control MIT, Anna university, Chennai
Fractional order control kongu engineering college
Tuning of PI&PID control DRDL, Hyderabad

Membership of Learned Societies

Type of Membership (Ordinary Member/ Honorary Member / Life Member ) Organization Membership No. with date
Life Member System Society Of India LM24004
Life Member ndian Society For
Technical Education


(A) Refereed Research Journals:

Author(s) Title of Paper Journal Volume (No.) Page numbers Year Impact Factor of the Journal (Optional)
Narayanan.S. ,Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J, Constant Gain Stabilization with Desired Damping Computers and Chemical Engineering Journal 30 (6-7) 1072- 1075 2006 sci
Vinopraba, T Sivakumaran, N.; Narayanan, S.; Radhakrishnan, T. K Design of internal model control based fractional order PID controller Journal of Control Theory and Applications 10 297-302 2012 scopus
Deepak Prasanna, Narayanan S Control of Recycle System Using Extended State Observer Concept International Journal of Dynamics and Control 2021 scopus

(B) Conferences/Workshops/Symposia Proceedings

Papers presented in International Conferences

1.Modified Active Disturbance Rejection Controller Design for Multivariable System, “Rajkumar K., Narayanan, S.”, 2nd International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment: Towards Smart Technology, ICEPE 2018,

2.Nonlinear PI with state feedback control for activated sludge process,Vinayak, J. Ramanuja;Narayanan, S.,” IEEE International Conference on Information, Communication, Instrumentation and Control, ICICIC 2017, Volume 2018-January, Year 2018, Pages 1-7

  1. Control system design for process with recycle, Deepak prasnna, narayanan.s;”International conference on reuse and recycling of material(ICMR2018), Kottayam, kerala, 2018

4.Control system design for process with recycle,”Rajkumar, K.;Narayanan, S.”IEEE International Conference on Information, Communication, Instrumentation and Control, ICICIC 2017, Volume 2018-January, Year 2018, Pages 1-7

  1. Rajkumar K, Narayanan S and Sivakumaran N, “Design of Centralized Controller based on Inverted Decoupling Structure for non-square systems with time delay” , TIMA 2017, 06-08 January, MIT, Madras.
  2. Ramanuja Vinayak J and Narayanan S, “Decoupling by RRDP and TDP concepts” , TIMA 2017, 06-08 January, MIT, Madras
  3. Ramanuja Vinayak J, S.Narayanan, “a study on centralized control scheme for a class of process applications”, ETAE2016, 27-30 December, IIT, Kharakgpur.
  4. Devi C. Arati, S.Narayanan,” centralized controller design using state space concept", 6th IFAC symposium on structure and control, Istanbul, turkey, 2016.
  5. Devi C. Arati, S.Narayanan and N Sivakumaran,” Decoupling of linear multivariable system using PD output feedback,” Indian control Conference (ICC2016),4-6 Jan. 2016.
  6. Devi Arati, S Narayanan and N Sivakumaran, “Complete decoupling of multivariable systems by means of dynamic state feedback”, ICSTM, 06-08, May2015.
  7. Devi C. Arati, S.Narayanan,” Dynamic decoupling design for a class of linear multivariable system,” IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Control (IC4-2015), 10-12 Sep. 2015.
  8. Design of fractional order controller for Biochemical reactor,”Vinopraba, T.;Sivakumaran, N.;Narayanan, S.;Radhakrishnan, T. K.”, IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), Volume 46, Year 2013, Pages 205-208
  9. IMC based fractional order PID controller,”Vinopraba, T.;Sivakumaran, N.;Narayanan, S.Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Year 2011, Pages 71-76
  10. Stabilization of commensurate fractional order system with desired damping, S. Narayanan, N. Sivakumaran and T. Vinopraba,” Industrial Measurements and Automation, (TIMA2011)”,CSIR,CHENNAI, 393-396.
  11. Intelligent parameter and state estimation for coal mill in a thermal power plant, Martin Luthur S.K, Raja Singh B., Rominus Valsalam S., Narayanan S. and Radhakrishnan T K.,” International conference on system modeling, optimization and advanced process automation(SYMOPA-2010)
  12. IMC based PID controller design for gas turbine plant,” S. Narayanan, N. Sivakumaran, T. Vinopraba and N. Selvaganesan,” Int. conf. on MS '09, Trivandrum.
  13. Stabilization using fractional-order PIDα controllers for first order time delay system, “Vinopraba, T.;Sivakumaran, N.;Selvaganesan, N.;Narayanan, S.”,ACT 2009 - International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Telecommunication Technologies, Year 2009, Pages 725-728.
  14. Stability Analysis of First Order Plus Time Delay System under PI & PID Control for Simultaneous Parameter Variation, Vijayan V., Narayanan S., Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J, “IEEE INDICON, 2005”, 73-77

19.Robust PI Control Design for Non Linear systems, Narayanan S. and Kanagasabapathy P.,” International Conference on Instrumentation (INCON 2004)”,pune,

20.Robust PI Stabilization of Rosenbrock system, Narayanan S., Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J.,” 4th International Conference on Trends in Measurement and Automation (TIMA 2004)”,Chennai

Papers presented in National Conferences

  1. Rajkumar, K.;Narayanan, S,” data driven based control “, Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Trends in Instrumentation and Control (RTIC proceedings)MIT, Chennai.
  2. Devi C. Arati and S. Narayanan Row by Row Decoupling Problem, Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Trends in Instrumentation and Control (RTIC-16),Chennai.
  3. Devi C. Arati, S. Narayanan and N.Sivakumaran A study on MIMO Control system design, Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Trends in Instrumentation and Control (RTIC-15), Chennai.
  4. PI stabilization for Inverse response Processes, T. Vinopraba, N.Sivakumaran, and S. Narayanan,” Proceedings of CHEMCON 2010”, Chidambaram.
  5. Stabilization using fractional order PID controllers for unstable first order plus time delay system, S. Narayanan,” chemcon-2009”,vizag
  6. A tutorial on fractional order controller,” S. Narayanan,” National conference on Electrical Engineering and Embedded system (NCEEE08)”, Chennai, India
  7. Relative Stability Analysis of First Order Plus Time Delay System under PI Control for Simultaneous Parameter Variation, Narayanan S., Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J,” National Conference on Process Identification, Control and Diagnosis (NCPICD2005), Chennai
  8. Novel Formulation in Computation of Stabilizing PI Controllers of open loop unstable system with RHP Complex zeros, Narayanan S., Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J.,” 2nd National Conference on Instrumentation and Control (ICECON2005)”, Tiruchirapalli, India
  9. PI Stabilization of Time Delay System with Desired Stability Margin, Narayanan S., Kanagasabapathy P.and Prakash J.,” National System Conference (NSC2004)”, Vellore.

Contact Details

Dr. S. Narayanan
Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli 620015, India

Office Tel: +91-431-2503364

Email : narayanan@nitt.edu