Research Projects


DST, Government of India, has sanctioned Rs. 90 Lacs to provide center of excellence in the area of MEMS and Mechatronics in the year 2007 for 3 years.

Research Projects


Sl.No. Project Title Funding Agency and Duration  Coordinators/Investigators Funding in Lakhs 
1 Towards Reliable and Smart Air-Vehicles UKIERI, 2007-2011 A. Ramakalyan 11.45
2 Control of Multivariable process using soft computing DST, Government of India, 2007-2010 N.Sivakumaran 9.38
3 Uncertainty analysis of chain error in instrumentation system Department of Space, ISRO Bangalore, Government of India, 2007-2008 B.Vasuki M.Umapathy 1.36
4 Microresonating beam differential pressure sensor: Simulation and electronic interface design Department of Space, ISRO Bangalore, Government of India, 2007-2008 G.Uma M.Umapathy 1.16
5 Design and development of Micro Devices NPSM - National Programme on Smart Materials, 2005 onwards G.Uma, M.Umapathy 10
6 Design and development of embedded system for rate of change pressure using IEEE P1451.4 MHRD, Government of India, 2004-2007

R. Kumar,
N. Sivakumaran

7 Embedded system based mobile patient monitoring device MHRD, Government of India, 2004-2007 K.K.Anilkumar,
V. Sridevi
8 Modeling and control of smart structures using multisensor data fusion MHRD, Government of India, 2003-2006 M. Umapathy,
J. Arunshankar
9 Robust and efficient algorithms for modern control system DST, Government of India, 2002-2005 A.Ramakalyan 2.22
10 Design and development of mechatronics laboratory modules MHRD, Government of India, 2003-2005 G. Uma, B. Vasuki 12
11 Design and development of structural vibration control system using smart materials as sensors / actuators MHRD, Government of India, 2002-2004 M. Umapathy 12
12 Biomedical Instrumentation AICTE, Government of India, 1998-2000 K.K.Anilkumar 6.5