Ms (by Research) Guided

Sl.No. Roll Number Name of the Student Title of Thesis Name of the Guide Year of Completion
1. ICR0601 Maheswari R Control Of Piezo Actuated Structure Using Embedded System Dr. M. Umapathy 2009
2. 301108003 U Varunkumar Piezoelectric Based Systems for Physical and Mechanical Quantities Dr. M. Umapathy 2011
3. 301108001 B V M P Santhosh kumar Design And Evaluation of Piezo Laminated Beam for The Measurement of Electrical Quantities Dr. M. Umapathy 2011
4. 310110003 SujanYenuganti Designs for sensitivity enhancement in resonance-based pressure Sensor Dr. G. Uma 2012
5. 310110004 Ashish Gupta Simultaneous Recording Of EEG-FMRI to Detect Epileptic Foci   2013
6. 310110001 S Krishna Chaitanya Design Of Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Grippers and Investigation of Tracking Control Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi 2013
7. 310110002 Harihara Krishnan S Design And Development of Micro Electrothermal Actuators and Energy Harvesting Using Pyroelectricity Dr. G. Uma 2013
8. 310111002 S Sunjai Nakshatharan Dynamic Motion Control Using Antagonistic Shape Memory Alloy Wire Actuators Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi 2014
9. 310111001 Jerome Moses M Stochastic Resonance and Applications in Control Systems Dr.A.Ramakalyan 2014
10. 310112001 Abhinav Srivastava System Level Design and Modeling of Asynchronous Adaptive Level based Sampling for Clock-Less ADC Dr.K.Srinivasan 2015
11. 310112002 Pankaj Shivhare Design And Analysis of Mems –Electrothermally Actuated Gripper and Resonant Pressure Sensor Dr. G. Uma 2015
12. 310114002 Ambili T A Electronic Circuit Design from a Control Perspective Dr.A.Ramakalyan 2016
13. 310113051 Devi C Arati A Study on Decoupling Control Schemes for a Class of Multivariable Systems Dr. S. Narayanan 2016
14. 310913051 Akila R Design Of Electronics and Control Strategies for Resonant Sensors Dr. G. Uma 2017
15. 310114001 Bhabani Sankar Padhy Detection And Experimental Evaluation of Cracks in a Cantilever Beam Using Strain Energy Analysis Dr. D. Ezhilarasi 2017
16. 310115001 Ramanuja Vinayak J Multivariable Control System Design Using Row by Row Decoupling Method Dr. S. Narayanan 2017
17. 310114051 Rajendra Singh Thakur Quality Categorization of Agricultural Produce Dr. N. Sivakumaran 2018
18. 310915001 Bimal Kanta Sethi Superheater Steam Temperature Control For 125mw Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler Dr. N. Sivakumaran 2018
19. 310115002 Siddharth Bardiya Performance Analysis of Noninductive Capacitance Type Liquid Level Sensor with Second Generation Current Conveyor Interface Dr. B. Vasuki 2019
20. 310915002 Ajil P Roy Design And Development of A Goggles Based Drowning Detection System Dr.K.Srinivasan 2019
21. 310117051 V Arun Thomas Design And Implementation of Enhanced PID Controller and Analysis of Cyber Security Issue for Real Time Process Using Low-Cost Microcontroller Dr.K.Srinivasan 2020