Ph.D. Guided

Sl. No. Name of the PhD Scholar Title of PhD Thesis Guided By Year of Completion
1 G. Uma Design of meso and micro resonators with piezoelectric sensing and actuation Dr.M. Umapathy 2009
2 D. Ezhilarasi Identification and multirate output feedback control of piezo actuated structures Dr.M. Umapathy 2009
3 K. Dhanalakshmi Design, modeling and control of shape memory alloy actuated structures Dr.M. Umapathy 2009
4 B.Vasuki Analysis of uncertainty for instrumentation systems using interval methods Dr.M. Umapathy   2009
5 N. Raju Analysis of Welding Distortion using Strain Gauge-based Instrumentation System Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari 2010
6 S. Seshadhri Estimation Design Methodologies for Networked Control Systems with Communication Constraints Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari 2010
7 S. Neduncheliyan Modeling and control of piezo actuated structures with uncertainties using interval arithmetic approach Dr.M. Umapathy 2011
8 L.R. Karlmarx Modeling and design of discrete time sliding mode control for smart structures Dr.M. Umapathy 2011
9 J. Arunshankar Control of piezo actuated structure using multisensor data fusion Dr.M. Umapathy 2011
10 M. Shanmugavalli Modeling and experimental investigation of coriolis flow meter using piezoelectric sensing and actuation Dr.M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
11 S. Dharmalingam Determination of accumulation value for the evaporator system of fossil fuel boilers and a novel control system design for fuel switching Dr.M. Umapathy 2012
12 K. Suresh Micro and meso scale piezo excited and sensed resonance sensor with electronics Dr.M. Umapathy 2012
13 Vinopraba T Design and Implementation of Fractional Order Controllers for SISO Systems Dr. N. Sivakumaran    2013
14 Senthilkumar P Position control of shape memory alloy wire actuators using modulated adaptive controllers Dr.M. Umapathy Dr K.Dhanalakshmi 2013
15 S Shaik Ismail Fault-Tolerant Auto landing Controller using Diagonally Dominant Backstepping and Neural-Sliding Mode Augmentation Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari 2014
16 D. Josephine Selvarani Ruth Realization of shape memory alloy wire as shared sensor and actuator for feedback and haptic control applications Dr K Dhanalakshmi 2015
17 J. Sivaraman Investigations on the performance of a modified limb lead ECG recording system for the study of atrial P and Ta wave. Dr. G. Uma 2015
18 Anbarasan S. Design and Performance Analysis of RTDA Control Schemes for Linear and Non-Linear Processes. Dr. K. Srinivasan 2015
19 P. Kavitha A Study on the Proofs and Computational Complexity of Stability Criteria in Control Engineering Dr. A.Ramakalyan 2015
20 Rami Reddy Performance enhancement in Piezoelectric based vibrational Energy harvester using structural Tailoring and hybrid concept Dr D. Ezhilarasi 2016
21 Mr. Sathish E. Characterization of Temporal Lobe Epileptic Seizures and Psychogenic Non Epileptic Spells Using Electroencephalography and Optimized Machine Learning Methods Dr. N. Sivakumaran  16.09.2016
22 Sujan Yenuganti Design, fabrication and testing of meso and micro scale resonant pressure sensors. Dr. G. Uma 1.2.2017 2017  
23 Sathiya S Piezo Actuated Cantilever Resonators For Liquid Processing and Sensing Dr. B. Vasuki 26.7.2017 2017
24 R. Usharani Design and Evaluation of piezoelectric broadband vibrational energy harvester with enhanced output. Dr. G. Uma 13.4.2018 2018
25 Minu A Pillai Analysis And Design of Acoustic Energy Harvesters Using Duct Resonators and Piezoelectric Unimorphs Dr D. Ezhilarasi 19.3.2018 2018
26 P. Pandiyan Design and Modelling of MEMS based Logic Devices Dr.M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
11.6.2018 2018
27 M. Ganesan Modelling and Control of Longitudinal Train Dynamics using Sliding Mode Control with Model Reference Adaptation Dr D. Ezhilarasi 29.6.2018 2018
28 G.Palanikumar Quality Measurement and Dosage Control of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Selective Catalytic Reduction System. Dr. G. Uma 6.7.2018 2018
29 S. Srinivasulu Raju Design, Modelling and Development of Vibration based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Dr.M. Umapathy 22.11.2018 2018
30 V. ParthaSarathi Design and Analysis of Fractional Order Measurement System Dr.M. Umapathy 26.2.2019 2019
31 Hemalatha Karnan Decision Support System for Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias using Supervisory Algorithms Dr. N. Sivakumaran 17.07.2019 2019
32 Sankaranarayanan S Parameter Optimization and Missing Data Estimation for Water Distribution System with Inherent Disturbances: Simulation and Experimental Validation Dr. N. Sivakumaran 13.09.2019 2019
33 T. N. Satish Design Development and Functional Evaluation of Sensors For Aero Gas Turbine Engine Application Dr.M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
25.11.2019 2019
34 MS Manjunath Design, Fabrication and Testing of Rigid Center Diaphragm Based Pressure Sensors. Dr. G. Uma 25.11.2019 2019
35 Prashant Dattatraya Sarawade Sensor Linearization using Multilinear model Technique Dr. K. Srinivasan 23.7.2020 2020
36 S. Raghavendran Electronic interface circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesting system Dr.M. Umapathy 8.10.2020 2020
37 Revathi S Modeling and Control of Greenhouse Environment using Soft Computing Techniques Dr. N. Sivakumaran 15.10.2020 2020
38 L Maheswari Investigation of Control Strategy for Battery Life Improvement and Power Converters for Photovoltaic System Dr. N. Sivakumaran 26.10.2020 2020
39 S. Shereen Design, Fabrication and Testing of MEMS Magnetic Field Sensor with an Emphasis on Permanent Magnetic Materials Dr. G. Uma Dr.M. Umapathy   26.10.2020 2020
40 T. Geerthy Non-Invasive Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation Using Analytical And Data- Driven Models Dr. G. Uma 23.11.2020 2020
41 D. Nalini Synergistically activated shape memory alloy wire actuators for active compliant mechanisms Dr K Dhanalakshmi 7.1.2021 2021
42 Dhevendra Alagan P. Multifractal-Based Medical Image Analysis Dr. N. Sivakumaran 25.01.2021 2021
43 Avinash Kumar Roy Development of recursive estimators for linear/nonlinear networked control system Dr. K. Srinivasan 5.4.2021 2021
44 V. Sivakami Experimental Investigations to Enhance Airflow Measurement of Constant Voltage Anemometer In Different Flow Regions Dr. B. Vasuki 22.4.2021 2021
45 Appikonda M. Durgakumar Modelling and Control of DC - DC Converter with Voltage Multiplier Cells for Photovoltaic System Application Dr K Dhanalakshmi 15.6.2021 2021
46 Haseena B A Design and development of mixed constrained next generation controller for Industrial process control applications Dr. K. Srinivasan 14.7.2021 2021
47 C. Sudalaimani Analysis of Intracranial EEG Signals for Prediction of Epileptic Seizure using Sub-Frequency Band Features and Machine Learning Models Dr N Sivakumaran 11.9.2021 2021
48 S.M.A.K. Azad Performance Analysis of Process Automation Network in Exchange of Non-Critical Information Dr. K. Srinivasan 1.9.2021 2021
49 K. Sharmila Devi Graph-Theoretic Modeling and Control for Decongesting Transportation Networks Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari 21.10.2021 2021
50 M. Banu Sundareswari Design and implementation of swing actuators using shape memory alloy for control of dynamic systems Dr K Dhanalakshmi 1.12.2021 2021
51 Rajesh Kondareddy Development and Experimental Investigation of Solar Dryer Integrated with Latent Heat Storage for Value Addition to Underutilized Agro Produces of NER India Dr N Sivakumaran 29.4.2022 2022
52 A. Ramya Enhanced Microcontroller Interface and Linearization Techniques for Temperature Sensors Dr.M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
12.5.2022 2022
53 Amit Pal Void Fraction Measurement in two phase flow using capacitive sensor Dr. B. Vasuki 10.6.2022 2022
54 Ohol Rahul Madhukar Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid Mixing Enhancement using Piezoelectric Actuation Dr B. Vasuki 25.07.2022 2022
55 V.S. Murthy Arikapalli Design of Modern Optimal Control Laws for Tactical Vehicles Dr Ramakalyan Ayyagari 29.7.2022 2022
56   Then Mozhi G. Investigations on sensacting shape memory alloy for the design of measurement systems and controlled soft actuators Dr.Dhanalakshmi K. 2023
57 Raja V. Design, modelling and experimental investigation of rotational energy harvester for low-power autonomous sensor systems Dr. M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
58 Bhagoji Bapurao Sul A Study on Self-Sensing Variable Stiffness Actuation of Shape Memory Coil by Artificial Intelligence Methods Dr.Dhanalakshmi K. 2023
59 Gilbert Chandra                Data Driven soft sensors for critical parameters Estimation and fault Diagnosis in liquid Rocket Engine Ground Testing Dr. G. Uma 2024
60 Shuprajhaa T. Design and Development of reinforcement learning based PID controller for stable and unstable process Dr. K. Srinivasan 2024
61 Vetriselvi V. Design and sensor less control of shape memory polyimide composite Dr.Dhanalakshmi K. 2024
62 Senthilkumar K. Estimator based controller design for networked control system Dr. K. Srinivasan 2024