Academic Programmes

The programme at DoMS-NIT Trichy is rigorous and tailored to the needs of the industry. The programme follows a trimester pattern and makes the students experience the rigor and the tough situation prevalent in the corporate environment through case studies, live examples, and simulations. The course shapes the students into future leaders ready to "lead by example".

The curriculum is designed to place emphasis on theory and concepts as well as the practical knowledge ready to be used firsthand in the corporate world. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, seminars, business games, simulation exercises, mini-projects, and unstructured group work and field visits. The regular features of the same include a curriculum, which boasts of rigorous case studies and role-plays, thereby enhancing specific field knowledge with excellent communication skills. An ever-evolving curriculum, nurtured through superior industry-institute interaction keeps students up-to-date on the latest corporate nuances.

The faculty and the students at the department form an inextricable part of the system. The faculty has always been abreast with the dynamic needs in the management field. The papers published in some of the international journals are a cue to the vast knowledge and commitment to research of the faculty members.

The programme builds the fundamental building blocks in the various sections of management. The students are taken through the basic management lessons during the first year. Personality development and personal skill improvement become a daily affair, thanks to the business communication and personality development classes during the first year. The second-year places emphasis on specializing deeper in the areas, which the students choose. This enables them to explore their interests in greater depth. It emphasizes more on the application of management principles and techniques in modern business through continuous industrial interactions and highlights decision making for controlling and applying management concepts.

The end of the first year takes the students through a two-month internship program in different sectors. The internship carries four credits. The students are chosen through campus interviews for internships at various companies. This period equips the students to integrate the theoretical knowledge with their practical applications.

A high-profile board of studies periodically reviews and updates the syllabi based on the changing needs of the business environment and brings it for the approval of the senate. The program covers 32 courses spread over modules of 10 weeks each and a summer project of 8 weeks, over a 2-years period.