Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

Faculty Incharge        

Dr. S. Venkatachalapathy

Facilities Available


Ongoing Research

  • Pool Boiling heat transfer
  • Electronic Cooling
  • Microchannel Heat Transfer
  • Spiral Rod Inserts with TiO2/Water Nanofluids
  • Flow and Heat Transfer through Refractory Ducts
  • Phase Change Materials


Research Scholars

Ph.D Scholars

  • Kamatchi R
  • Srinivasan V
  • Sanjo George C
  • Anbu.S
  • Karthikeyan P
  • Periasamy M


M.S. Scholars

  • Sudarssan N
  • Akash A Revankar
  • Pawan Bajpai



Dr. S. Venkatachalapathy

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Institute of Technology

Tiruchirappalli - 620015

Lab: 04312503436