Ph.D Awarded

S.No Name Title Name of the Guide Year
1 Kishor Bharadwaj K.S A methodology for selecting and redesigning Compliant Mechanisms using Non-Dimensionalized Feasibility Maps Dr. T. Ramesh 2023
2 Korra T Sunny A systematic investigation on activated tungsten inert gas welding and hot wire tungsten inert gas welding of super austenitic stainless steel AISI 904L Dr. Nanda Naik Korra 2023
3 Sathyanarayanan S Experimental investigation and performance prediction of gasoline engine parameters powered by Diisopropyl ether-gasoline blends and sucrose/alumina catalyst coated converter Dr. S. Suresh 2023
4 Midhun V.C. Vacuum insulation panel integrated thermal    management system for electronics package exposed to harsh thermal environment Dr. S. Suresh 2023
6 Jinshah B.S. Performance Investigation of An Open Natural Circulation Loop Based   Dual Mode Parabolic Trough Collector for Low Temperature and Saturated Steam Applications Dr. K. R. Balasubramanian 2023
7 R Muthudineshkumar Effective Utilisation of Various Biomass Feedstock for Syngas Generation Using Packed Bed Gasifier Dr. R. Anand 2022
8 K. Gurumanikandan  Some investigations on vibration-induced motion Dr. K. Pannir selvam 2022
9 R Yoganathan Experiments on the Impact of Expansion Joint Grip Strength and its Non-Destructive Measurements on Bank Tube of Bi-drum Boiler Dr. R. Anand 2022
10 Shankar R Studies on the Development of Nanostructured Thermal Spray Coating for High Temperature Applications Dr. K.R. Balasubramanian 2022
11 Silambarasan R The effect of bend angle on the collapse load of shape imperfect pipe bends Dr. AR. Veerappan 2022
12 Bhavin K Bharath Investigations of Ternary Alcohol Blends and Hybrid Nano lubricant on Performance, Emission, Noise and Vibration Characteristics of a SI Engine Dr. V. Arul Mozhi Selvan 2022
13 Tarique Hussein A study on performance evaluation of aero-engine lubricating oil pump Dr. M. Udayakumar 2022
14 Er. Gulsavin Guruprasad Engoor Experimental and numerical studies on a box type solar cooker incorporated with Fresnel lenses Dr. S. Shanmugam 2022
15 R Ram Kumar Performance improvement of PEM fuel cell through flow channel modifications and thermal management Dr. S. Suresh 2022
16 LA. Krishna Elastic stresses in structurally distorted pipe bends under in-plane bending moment Dr. AR. Veerappan 2022
17 A. Rajesh Kannan Studies on effect of process parameters on microstructure, mechanical properties, and formability of AISI 316L tailor welded blank fabricated by cold metal transfer process Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam 2022
18 Mohamed Ibrahim N H   Some Numerical Investigations on Soot Productivity in Turbulent Diffusion Jet Flames at various Damkohler Numbers Dr. M.Udayakumar 2021
19 T. Vinoth  Production of Biodiesel from Aegle Marmelos Correa Seed Oil and its Use in Diesel Engine Dr. R. Anand 2021
20 G. P. Arul Theoretical and experimental Studies on Dual-Inclined Oscillating Bed with Double-Pass Solar Dryer for Agricultural Produce Dr. S. Shanmugam 2021
21 Karthik Babu NB Development and Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composites for Structural and Micro-Electronics Applications Dr. T. Ramesh 2021
22 Aravind S L Thermo-Kinetic and Ballistic Property Studies of Azide and Non Azide Based Automobile Airbag Gas Generants Dr. S. P. Sivapirakasam  2021
23 S. Balakrishnan Determination of B2 stress index, plastic, shakedown and elastic limit loads of 90 degree shape imperfect pipe bends Dr. AR. Veerappan 2020
24 A. Zahir Hussain Production of Diesel-Like Fuel from Waste Engine Oil and its Use in Diesel Engine Dr. R. Anand 2020
25 P.R. Jyothi Sankar Heat Transfer Enhancement Studies on Mesh Wick Heat Pipes by the Combined  Effects of Nanofluids and Wick Surface Modification Dr. S. Venkatachalapathy 2020
26 S. Mohan Kumar Activated Flux TIG Welding of AISI 321 Austenitic Stainless Steel and Feasibility Analysis of Double-Sided TIG Weldments for Nuclear Applications Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam 2020
27 B. Girinath Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Cold Metal Transfer Welding of AA5052 sheet metal Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam 2020
28 G. Sankar Numerical and experimental investigations of the performance of the tangentially fired utility boiler furnace firing high ash Indian coal. Dr. K. R. Balasubramanian 2020
29 Karthikeyan N Performance augmentation studies in small scale wind turbines for low Reynolds number applications Dr. R. B. Anand 2020
30 R.Elangovan Mathematical And CFD Analysis Of Thermoelectric Power Generation System Through Waste Heat Recovery From Boiler And Other Heat Sources Dr.S.Suresh 2020
31 S. Anbu Heat Transfer Enhancement Studies by the Combined Effects of  Nanofluids, Helically Corrugated Tubes and Inserts Dr. S. Venkatachalapathy 2020
32 P.Vigneshwaran Synthesis and Thermal Characteristic studies on Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for thermal energy storage system Dr.S.Suresh 2020
33 Srikanth Salyan Experimental investigation of Sugar Alcohol based Phase Change Material for Solar Thermal Energy storage laden with Liquid Metal and Low Melt Alloys Dr.S.Suresh 2020
34 M.Shahul Hameed Experimental investigation on the effects of hybrid Nano fluids on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in laminar and turbulent flows Dr.S.Suresh 2020
35 C.N. Kowthaman Synthesis of a Novel Catalyst for Schizochytrium Biodiesel Production and its Performance Characteristics on Hydrogen Enriched DICI Engine Dr. V. Arul Mozhi Selvan 2020
36 K. Harisivasri Phanindra Impact Initiation and Thermal Sensitivity Analysis of Pyrotechnic Compositions Dr. S.P. Sivapirakasam 2020
37 K. Karthick Experimental optimization of thermal interface and storage materials for solar reversible thermoelectric power generation Dr. S.Suresh 2020
38 C. Pandi Selva Durai Development and Investigation on Nano Yttria Dispersed Tungsten Heavy Alloys by Liquid Phase Sintering Dr. V. Arul Mozhi Selvan 2020
39 M. Satthiya Raju Processing and characterization of polyvinylidene fluoride based composite fibres for mechanical harvesting applications. Dr. T. Ramesh 2020
40 Manoop M Investigations on measures to improve daily yield of passive and active solar stills Dr. M Udayakumar 2020
41 K. Premkumar Experimental Investigation on Oxidation, Erosion and Hot Corrosion Behaviour of HVOF Coating Dr. K R Balasubramanian 2020
42 Anthuvan Stephen Edberk J Experimental Analysis of Laser Welds for Commercially Pure N. Siva Shanmugam 2020
43 Praveen B Studies on the heat transfer performance of micro encapsulated PCM with GnP and LMA as enhancer in heat sink Dr.S.Suresh 2020
44 B.R.Vishnu Experimental Investigation on Reduction of Welding Fumes and Cr6+ Formation Using Nano Particle Addition in Stainless Steel SMAW Electrode Dr.S.P.Sivapirakasam 2019
45 D. Babu Experimental investigation and application of artificial neural network for prediction of diesel engine characteristics fuelled with biodiesel and its blends Dr. R. Anand 2019
46 Benny Thomas Asymmetric Spur gear tooth bending stress and dynamic factor prediction and selection of pressure angle Dr. K. Sankaranarayanasamy 2019
47 H. Mohit Development and Investigation on Nano Fillers Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites Dr. V. Arul Mozhi Selvan 2019
48 Sunil Kumar H S Theoretical modelling and analysis of flutter performance of a large wind turbine composite blade using finite element method Dr. R.B. Anand 2019
49 K P Venkitaraj Experimental investigation on thermal energy storage performance of pentaerythritol blended with nano and low melting materials Dr.S.Suresh 2019
50 Medisetti Jaganmohan Rao Evaluation on Whole Body Vibration and Ride Comfort for the Driver and Child Passenger in Semi Low Floor Minibus Dr.S.P.Sivapirakasam 2019
51 Ajith Krishnan R Effect of Gravitational Orientation on Flow Boiling Performance in Different Configurations of Micro / macro-Channels Dr. K R Balasubramanian 2019