On going Ph.D.

S.No.Name of the ScholarName of the GuideArea of Research
1Mr. Syed Ummer Muthukoya Thangal Dr.K.S. Pandey Powder Metallurgy
2Mr.G.T. Parthiban (PT) Dr.V. Sivan Corrosion Engg.
3Mr.Z. Edward Kennedy (PT) Dr.S. Natarajan Surface Engg.
4Mr.M. Senthil Kumar (PT) Dr.S. Natarajan Surface Engg.
5Mr.P.R.S. Kumar (QIP)Dr.T. Srinivasa RaoPowder Metallurgy
6Mr.R. MariappanDr.T. Srinivasa RaoPowder Metallurgy
7Mr.V.P. Mohan Das (QIP)Dr.S.Raman SankaranarayananCost of Quality Models
8Mr.P. VenkatachalamDr.B. RavisankarEqual Channel Angular Pressing
9Mr.J. Vijey (PT)Dr.V. SuriyanarayananCreep
10Mr. Manimozhi (PT)Dr.V. MuthupandiWelding of Boiler Grade Steels
11Mr. Ramakrishnan (PT)Dr.V. MuthupandiSubmerged Arc Welding
 12Mr.S. Jerome Dr.B.Ravisankar Diffusion Bonding 



Ph.Ds Awarded


1Mr.K.G.K. Murthy Dr.S. Sundaresan Friction Welding of Some Dissimilar Material Combination 1986
2Mr.K. Ramamurthy Dr.N. Dakshinamoorthy Lower Maestriction (Upper Cretaceous) Brachiopoda from Trichy District 1991
3Mr.S. Sathyamurthy Dr.N. Dakshinamoorthy Integrated Ground Water Studies in and Around Tiruchirappalli 1991
4Mr.V. Subramanian Dr.N. Dakshinamoorthy Geology and Geochemistry of Rocks in and Around Manapparai 1992
5Mr.P.R. Srinivasan Dr.N. Dakshinamoorthy Hydrogeological Studies of Mamundiyar River Basin 1992
6Mr.S. Natarajan Dr.V. Sivan Studies on Corrosion Behaviour of Boiler Steel Weldments in Acid Medium 1992
7Mr.T. Srinivasa Rao Dr.K.S. Pandey Densification Behaviour of Sintered Aluminium and Aluminium-Copper Preforms of Disc and Ring Shapes During Cold Deformation 1992
8Mr. Ram Mohan Dr.V. Sivan Studies on La(Sr) CrO3 and ZrO2 – CeO2 Systems for Magneto-Hydrodynamic Generator 1993
9Mr.M. Narayana Rao Dr.K.S. Pandey Hot Extrusion of Sintered Preforms of Aluminium and Aluminium-Iron Composites 1995
10Mr.L. John Berchmans Dr.V. Sivan Corrosion Studies on Copper and Copper Based Alloys in Acid and Neutral Media 1998
11Mr.R. Vaideeswaran Dr.V. Sivan Corrosion Behaviour of Dissimilar Weldments In Advanced Materials Used in Power and Process Plants in Acid Media 2001
12Mr.K.L. Rohira Dr.V. Sivan Indigenous Development of Electro Gas Welding Technology Studies on Process Characteristics and Weld Properties 2003
13Mr.R. Chandramouli Dr.K.S. Pandey Cold and Hot Forging Characteristics of Sintered Ferrous P/M Preforms of Ring Shape 2004
14Mr.K. Padmanaban Dr.V. Sivan Investigations in NGSAW on the influence of Process Parameters and Characterization of Welded Joints. 
15Mr.P. Bala Srinivasan Dr.V. Sivan Studies on the Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behaviour of Dissimilar Weld Joints.2006
16Mr.S.P. Kumaresh Babu Dr.S. Natarajan Weldment Corrosion and its Control in Power Plant Materials using FCAW, SAW and Pulsed GTAW Processes.2007
17Mr.S. Kumaran Dr.T. Srinivasa Rao Studies on Metastable and Stable Phases of Ti-Al-Nb-Cr / SiC Systems by Mechanical Alloying2007
18Mr.A. Rajesh KhannanDr.K.S. PandeyCold Deformation Behaviour of Sintered Fe-C-Mo and Iron-Carbon-Silicon-Copper, Iron-Carbon-Molybdenum Steels2007