Furnace and Melting Facilities

· Spark Plasma Sintering facility, Furnaces for conducting heat treatment, Microwave Sintering Furnace, Mini Arc Melting Facility, Stir Casting setup

Mechanical Testing Facilities

· Vickers Hardness Tester, Micro Tensile Testing Instrument, Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Creep Testing Machine, Wear Testing Machine

Metallographic facilities (and sample preparation units)

· Disc and belt Polishing benches, Slow speed Precision cutting instrument, Compaction press, Microscopy Facility, Image Analyser

Corrosion Testing Facilities

· Potentiostat / Galvanostat, Hot corrosion / Oxidation Facility

Powder Processing Facilities

· Glove Box, High Energy Ball Mills


· Thermal Analyser, Cryo bath and rolling mill, Lathe, Seebeck coefficient and electrical resistivity instrument, Thermal conductivity instrument (In house fabricated), Pressure Composition Isotherm