Group Members

Ph.D. (Completed / on-going)


1. Dr. PRS. Kumar, Aluminium–Fly ash Composites through Powder Metallurgy

2. Dr. R. Mariappan, Duplex Stainless Steel through Powder Metallurgy

3. Dr. G. Rajaram, Mechanical and TribologicalBehaviour of Al-Si / Graphite Composites

4. Dr. M. Thirumurugan, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Some Mg Alloys

5. Dr. S. Kennedy, Nanostructured TiAl Intermetallic by Spark Plasma Sintering

6. Dr. A. Venkateswari, Electrochemical Behaviour of Mg based Multicomponent Alloys

7. Dr. A. X. AmalRebin, Structure-Property Correlation of Mg-Sc alloys

8. Dr. R. Balaji, Consolidation of Nanostructured Ti-B4C alloys by Spark Plasma Sintering

9. Dr. Vinoadh kumar K, Vanadium ODS Alloys

10. Dr. VV. Ravikumar, High Strength Aluminium Alloys

11. Dr. R. Murugasamy, Thermo-electric Materials


In progress

12. Mr. P. Bhagat Singh, Magnesium-Lithium Alloys (Thesis submitted)

13. Mr. K. Ananthakumar, Diffusion Bonding (Synopsis submitted)

14. Mr. P. Vivekanandhan, Thermo-electric Materials (Synopsis submitted)

15. Mr. N.Sriraman, Mg based bio materials

16. Mr. M. Premnath, Hydrogen storage materials

17. Mr. B.V. Ponraj, Ferritic based ODS Alloys

18. Mr. Praveen Kumar, Diffusion Bonding of Dismilar materials

19. Mr. SathishSudhadhiraBharathi T, Thermo-electric Materials

20. Mr. Thariyan, ECAP of Cu alloys

21. Mr. P. Vignesh, Magnesium based Alloys

22. Mr. ArunRaphel, Thermoelectric materials

23. Mr. K V VNagaraju, Microwave Processing of Materials

24. Ms. Chandralekha Gel casting

25. Mrs. U. Krishnaveni (Bio materials)

26. Mr. T. Thangavel, Copper Selenide based Thermoelectric materials


M.S – By Research (Completed / on-going)


 1. Amit Sharma – Weding of Steels


In progress

1. Dhamodharan.D – Magnesium based Alloys