The undergraduate programme is structured to tune the students in meeting the challenges in the filed of Materials Science and Metallurgy.  The students are given a comprehensive input in a wide range of subjects viz., Transport Phenomena, Mineral Proessing, Physical Metallurgy, Process Metallurgy (Ferrous and Non-ferrous), Processing of Materials (Welding, Metal Forming, Foundry, Powder Metallurgy) and non-metallic materials (Polymers and Composites, Ceramics).  The studens are exposed to the concepts and practices of  Materials Characterisation, Surface Engineering and Process Modeling.  In addition, the students are also given the freedom to choose electives from the Department of MME and other allied departments, as well.

Admission Procedure 

B.Tech. Curriculum (2009 batch)

B.Tech. Curriculum (2011 batch)

B.Tech. Curriculum (2019 batch)