Concept of phase diagram - phases and microconstituents in steels and cast irons - equilibrium and non-equilibrium cooling of various Fe-C alloys - effects of alloying elements and cooling rate on structure and properties of steels and cast irons


Introduction to heat treatment; TTT diagram and CCT diagram - hardenability measurement, annealing - normalising - hardening and tempering - heat treatment furnaces - atmospheres - quenching media - case hardening techniques


Introduction to specifications- types of  steels: plain carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels; stainless steels  types of cast irons compositions, properties and applications, heat treatment (specific examples)


Aluminium and its alloys- physical, chemical and mechanical properties of aluminium of aluminium alloys, magnesium, titanium alloys - microstructural features, typical properties and applications - heat treatment (specific examples)


Copper and its alloys: physical, chemical and mechanical properties; classification of copper alloys; lead, tin, zinc, silver, gold alloys - microstructural features - properties and applications


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