Visual examination; liquid penetrant testing; magnetic particle testing; electromagnetic radiation in film, radiographic imaging, inspection techniques, applications, limitations, real time radiography, safety in industrial radiography.


Eddy current testing, sensitivity application, limitation; ultrasonic testing – basic properties of sound beam, ultrasonic transducers; acoustic emission testing – principles of AET and techniques.


Comparison and selection of NDT  methods, detection of defects; selection of NDT methods- VE, LPT, MPT, ECT, RT, UT, AET and thermography; selection of instrumentation for various NDT methods; reliability in NDT.


Failure analysis – methodology; approaches, tools and techniques of failure analysis; modes of failure; failure data retrieval; procedural steps for investigation of a failure for failure analysis.


Improvements (design, material) derived from failure analysis; two case studies; application of fracture mechanics concepts to design for safety.



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