Historical evolution and operation of power plants and petrochemical plants-general description, temperature, pressures and materials, failure in plants-definition of failure


Toughness, DBTT, LEFM, EPFM, temper embrittlement, hydrogen embrittlement, case histories


Mechanisms, parametric extrapolation  techniques - LM, OSD,  MH,  MB and MCM, design rules, cumulative damage, crack  growth models, RLA methodology for bulk and localised damages


High and low cycle  fatigue,  Coffin-Manson  relationship,  creep  fatigue interaction, failure  mechanism  maps, thermal  fatigue (TF), thermal-mechanical fatigue (TMF),  thermal-  mechanical fatigue life prediction, crack growth in fatigue


Materials, damage mechanisms and RLA of boiler tubes, header, steam pipes, rotors, steam casings, valves  and  steam  chests,  steam  turbine  blades,  high  temperature  bolts.   Non destructive assessment methods 



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