Tips for Learning

Focus, Complete, Understand, Relate, Revise and Gain

1) Focus your attention

     If you sit to learn forget about TV, sports, friends etc.

2) Complete the topic

     Donot skip the topic in the middle. If you do not understand refer to other books, internet etc. Go indepth detail on your topic. Your knowledge will be limited if you learn superficially.

3) Understand through imagination

     Understand the topic rather than memorizing.   The best time to do this is while traveling, sitting idle, before sleeping, waiting for something. Understanding can be improved through pictures and videos. If only text is   available, imagine and check whether your imagination is correct or not by learning advanced topics.

4) Relate unknown topics to known

   Again this can be done while you are idle. Example. If you learn about the principle of power generation, relate to the working principle of a bicycle dynamo.

5) Revise whatever you have learned

  Never think that you know everything and no need of revision. If you learn something during the degree course the basics would have originated from your school course. If you are in your degree course even revise your high school topics.

6) Gain practical exposure

  Do mini projects, visit the facilities where you can see them, do models.