Full Profile


  • Ph.D. IPR, Gandhinagar/ HBNI, 2012
  • M.Sc.(Physics) University of Delhi, 2006
  • B.Sc.(Physics) C. S. J. M. University, Kanpur, 2004


Research Papers

  • 2018-Hybrid oscillations in a cold magnetized electron-positron-ion plasma
  •  2018-A novel numerical scheme for nonlinear electron plasma oscillations
  • 2017-Nonlinear electrostatic oscillations in a cold magnetized electron-positron plasma
  • 2017-Generation of low frequency plasma waves after the wavebreaking
  • 2017-Higher order central schemes for multidimensional hyperbolic problems
  • 2016-Nonlinear oscillations and waves in multispecies cold plasma
  • 2012-Spatio-temporal evolution and breaking of Double layers: a description using Lagrangian hydrodynamics
  • 2012-Residual BGK like waves after onedimensional electron wave breaking in a cold plasma
  • 2012-Breaking of longitudinal Akhiezer-Polovin waves 
  • 2012-Bernstein-GreeneKruskal waves in relativistic cold plasma
  • 2011-Nonlinear oscillations and waves in an arbitrary mass ratio cold plasma‚Äč
  • 2011-Nonlinear evolution of an arbitrary density perturbation in a cold homogeneous unmagnetized plasma
  • 2010-Nonlinear oscillations in a cold dissipative plasma


Awards and Recognition

  • 2017-Relocation allowance of 3000 Euro based on academic excellence-City of Marseille, France
  • 2012-International travel support Department of Science & Technology, India
  • 2006-CSIR NET (JRF)-CSIR-UGC, India‚Äč
  • 2012-Max-Planck Princeton Postdoctoral Fellowship-Max-Planck Princeton Center for Plasma Physics
  • 2006-Research Fellowship-IPR, Gandhinagar