M.Sc (Physics) Curriculum From 2010

I Semester  
PH 651 Mathematical Physics
PH 653 Classical Mechanics
PH 655 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PH 657 Electronics
PH 659 Physics Laboratory - I
  Elective - I
II Semester  
PH 652 Electro Magnetic Theory
PH 654 Quantum Mechanics
PH 656 Physics Laboratory - II
  Elective II
  Elective III
III Semester  
PH 661 Solid State Physics
PH 663 Atomic and Molecular Physics
PH 665 Physics Laboratory III
  Elective IV
  Elective V
  Elective VI
  Elective VII
IV Semester  
PH 660 Nuclear and Particle Physics
PH 662 Project work and viva voce
  Elective VIII



  I Semester
 PH 671 Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing
 PH 673              Programming in C and Numerical Methods
   II Semester
 PH 672 Microprocessors
 PH 674 Computer Applications in Physics
 PH 676 Non-Destructive Testing
  III Semester
PH 675 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
PH 677 Instrumentation
PH 679  Sensors and Transducers
PH 681 Physics and Technology of Thin Films
PH 683 Magnetism and Superconducting Levitation
PH 685 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
PH 687 Fiber Optic Sensors
  IV Semester
PH 678 Lasers and Applications
PH 680 Nanoscience and Technology and Applications
PH 682 Advanced Statistical Methods and Phase Transitions