These are list of books available in department library:

Manufacturing systems design &analysisWU(B)
TQM in Newproduct manufacturingMENON(H.G)
Intelligent manufacturing :programming for CIMGRUVOER(W.A)BOUDREAUX(J.C)
Team Engineering&world class MgmtARAVINDAN(P)
Modern statistical quality control and managementSWIFT(J.A)
Introduction to sequencing and schedulingBAKER(K.R)
Introduction to sequencing and schedulingBAKER(K.R)
Factory physicsHOPP(WJ)
Tolerance designCREVELING(CM)
Manufacturing planning &control systemsVOLLMANN,BERRY,CLAYWHYBAR
Manufacturing planning &control systemsVOLLMANN,BERRY,CLAYWHYBAR
Manufacturing planning &control systemsVOLLMANN,BERRY,CLAYWHYBAR
Manufacturing planning &control systemsVOLLMANN,BERRY,CLAYWHYBAR
Manufacturing planning &control systemsVOLLMANN,BERRY,CLAYWHYBAR
Expert systems applications in Engg manufacturingBADIRU(AB)
Non traditional machining processesWELLER(EJ)
Group technology production methodsin manufactureGALLAGHER,KNIGHT
Performance modeling of automated manufg sysVISWANADHAM&NARAHARI
Knowledge based manufacturing mgtKERR®
Intelligent quality systemsPHAM,OZTEMEL
Project mgt in manufacturing&high tech.BADIRU(AB)
Manufacturing MgtGIBSON(P)
Shop floor control systemsBAUER(A)
Design for manufacture strategies,principles&techCORBETT(J)
Intelligent manufacturing UNDERWOOD(L)
Quality engg hand bookPYZDER,BERGER
Implementing total qualityGOETSCH,DAVIS
Total quality mgt in actionKANJI(JK)
Computerised project controlDRIGANI(F)
Integrating manufacturing engg systemsHOLT(DR)
Engg design for producibility&reliabilityPRIEST(JW)
Statistical process controlOAKLAND,FOLL OWEL
Finite element analysis in manufacturing enggCHAMPION(ER)
managerial economicsDean(J)
industrial sheduling techniquesLock(D)
Mfg. and design of prodn. Control systemsScheele(ED)
Production planning and controlJain &Agarwal
Modern safety practicesDeReamer®
Materials managementAmmer(D)
Plant layout and materials handlingApple(JM)
Producing & material managementLee &Dobler
Industrial ORFabrycky(WJ)
Managerial &engg economyTaylor(GA)
Plant layout and designMoore(J)
Principles of metal cuttingSen(GC)&Bhattacharya(A)
Manufacturing processAmstead(BH)
Fund. Of metal machining and m/c toolsBoothroyd (G)
Numerical control machine toolsKoren(Y) and Benuri (J)
Workshop technology Pt 3 Chapman and Martin (SS)
Workshop technology V1 Raghuwanshi (B S)
Materials and Processing in ManufacturingGarmo (E P)
Workshop technology V1 Chapman (W A J)
Industrial hydraulics manualVickers ( S )
Elements of workshop TechnologyHajra choudry (S K)
Workshop Technology Pt 2 Chapman (W A J)
ExtrusionLave and Stenger (H)
Metal cutting principles Shaw (M C)
Handbook of metal forming
Non traditional machining processes
Metal FormingAltan ( T)
Low cost jigs fixtures and gagesBoyes ( W E)
Flexible manufacturing systemsHolland ( J R )
CAD/CAM Integration and InnovationTaraman ( K )
Machining fundamentalsWeller
Course in workshop technology V2 Raghuwanshi (B S)
Advances in CAD/CAM Wang ( P C C)
Flexible manufacturing systemsLindholm ( R P )
Forging handbook Byrer ( T G )
Welding Methods and Metallurgy Jackson ( M D)
Foundry Technolgy Beeley ( P R)
Automatic Assembly Boothroyd ( G )
Modern Welding Technology Cary ( H B )
CAD/CAMGroover ( M P) and Zimmers ( E W )
Modelling and design of FMSKusiak ( A ) Ed.,
Foundry Technolgy Mikelonis ( P J )
Robot Technology V 1Coiffet ( P )
Robot Technology V 2Coiffet ( P )
Robot Technology V 4Coiffet ( P )
Robot Technology V 5Coiffet ( P )
Robot Technology V 7Coiffet ( P )
Programming for NC machinesRoberts ( A D ) and Prentice ( R C)
Robotics for EnginersKoren ( Y )
Industrial RoboticsGroveer ( M P) etc
Automation Production SystemsGroover ( M P )
Manufacturing High TechnologyTiju Nelis ( D ) & Mc Nee ( K E ) Ed
Robot Manipualtors: Mathame