Student project 2002

l.No Name of the project Year
1 Multi Level Scheduling Decisions In A Class Of FMS 2002
2 Project Management Information Systems 2002
3 Aggregate Production Planning Using SA 2002
4 Performance Analysis Of DCBL 2002
5 Resources Output And Cost Benefit Analysis Of LPG Gas Plant 2002
6 A Heuristic For Optimization Of Shop Scheduling With Multiple Objectives 2002
7 A Comparative Representation Approach To Static Job Shop Scheduling Using GA & SA 2002
8 Evaluation Of Enterprise Resource Planning 2002
9 System Analysis Using Network Modeling And Simulation 2002
10 PDR's And Operation Based Approach To The Job Shop Using GA & SA 2002
11 Process Improvement By An SQC TOOL 2002
12 Approaches To Solve Inventory Problems In A Foundry 2002
13 Aggregate Production Planning Using GA And TABU Search 2002
14 System Reliability Analysis Of A Paper Industry 2002
15 Fms Scheduling Using Ant Colony Algorithm 2002
16 Simulation Of Requirement Planning(M/S ELGI Equipments Ltd,CBE) 2002
17 Machine Cell Formation Using MEMETIC Algorithm 2002
18 Optimization Of Job Shop Scheduling Using Memetic algorithm 2002
19 Management Information System For Production Process(Grasim Industries Ltd) 2002
20 Scheduling Optimization Of FMS Using MEMETIC Algorithm 2002
21 Just In Time Inventory Management 2002
22 Optimization Of Distribution Inventory In A Two-Level Supply Chain Using GA 2002
23 Integration Of Demand Forecasting,Aggregate Production Planning And Scheduling 2002
24 Machining Tolerance Optimization Using GA 2002
25 Flowshop Scheduling Using Evolutionary Algorithms 2002
26 Computer Aided Factory Integration And Management System-Case Study 2002
27 Control Chart Interpretation Using Artificial Neural Network(Indian Railway) 2002
28 Managing New Product Development Using MS-EXCEL,SIMPROCESS AND ARENA 2002
29 Optimization Of Aggregate Production Planning Using Non Traditional Algorithms 2002
30 Aggregate Production Planning Using Multi Objective Tabu Search Algorithm 2002
31 ANN Approach For Flow Shop Scheduling With BICRITERIA 2002
32 Fuzzy Expert System For Tool Selection 2002
33 Virtual Manufacturing -A Production Centered Approach Using QUEST 2002
34 Fixture Layout Optimization Using GA And FEM 2002
35 Prediction Of Machining Quality Using TAGUCHI Technique And ANN 2002
36 Function Replacing Hybrid For Intelligent Manufacturing 2002
37 Tolerance Sensitivity Analysis In Non-Linear Mechanical Assemblies 2002
38 Modeling And Manufacturing Of Die Using Pro/ENGINEER 2000i 2002
40 Design ,Modeling Using Pro/ENGINEER 2000i And Analysis Using ANSYS 5.6 Of A Connecting Rod For A 4 Stroke Petrol Engine 2002
41 Optimization Of Machinig Parameters For Multi Tool Milling Operations Using Non-Traditional Techniques 2002
42 Optimization Of Cellular Manufacturing Systems Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm And GA 2002
43 Mechanics Of Plasyic Flow In Axisymmetric Components Of High Strength Alloy 2002
44 Determination Of Optimal Cutting Parameters For The Wire EDM Process Using Nontraditional Optimization Techniques 2002
45 Machine Cell Formation For Cellular Manufacturing Systems Using ANT Colony Approach 2002
46 Development Of Mathematical Production Cost-Tolerance Models For Tolerance Analysis 2002
47 An Analysis For 3d Upset Forging Of Elliptical Disks 2002
48 Optimization Of Parameters In Electro Chemical Machining Using GA 2002
49 Optimization Of Machining Parameters For Continuous Finished Profile Using Evolutionary Computational Techniques 2002