Student Projects 2021

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Siddharth P.N Himanshu Ranjan Ayush Raj

Experimental Investigation on Stress and Strain based Forming Limit of AA7475-T761 sheet


114117092 114117022 114117088

Vejayendhar UD

Manasa B

Tharshika U

Implementation of Lean Tools and Its Prioritization using Fuzzy Topsis in a Fabrication Industry


114117029 114117053 114117103

Harshavardhan V S Nagabhyru Joshika Yogesh Ram B

Distance and Cost Reduction Techniques Implementation in E-Commerce


114117006 114117076 114117083


Samiksha Meshram Sunantha M

Development of A Framework for Integrating Industry 4.0 with Agile Manufacturing



114117052 114117068 114117078

Murali Krishna Ragavendar S

Satheesh S D

Demand Forecasting and Optimisation for a Crowd-Sourced Last-Mile Delivery Company – A Comparative Study